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  • SHOEBOX Audiometry Pro Edition

    A diagnostic audiometer with advanced capabilities for Audiologists and ENT physicians.

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  • SHOEBOX Audiometry Standard Edition

    An easy-to-use audiometer designed for non-Audiologists to conduct automated diagnostic hearing testing outside of a sound booth.

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  • SHOEBOX QuickTest

    A quick, self-administered screening tool used to identify and pre-qualify new customers.

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  • SHOEBOX Data Management

    A cloud-based portal to centralize access, management, and analysis of patient data and test results.

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Our Customers

    • Wellspring
    • World Wide Hearing
    • Vital Strategies
    • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation
    • Case Farms
    • The University of Mississippi Medical Center
    • The University of Melbourne
    • TruHearing
    • University of Cincinnati
    • Maker's Mark
    • The Union
    • Triangle Electric
    • Temple University School of Medicine
    • Reata Pharmaceuticals
    • Siemens
    • Medcan
    • Partners in Health
    • Olive View-UCLA Medical Center
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Miracle Ear
    • Medel
    • Medisys
    • Patriot Safety Services
    • Industrial Health Council
    • Delta
    • Columbia University Medical Center
    • Cascade Engineering
    • Boston Children's Hospital