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  • SHOEBOX Audiometry Pro Edition

    A diagnostic audiometer with advanced capabilities for Audiologists and ENT physicians.

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  • SHOEBOX Audiometry Standard Edition

    An easy-to-use audiometer designed for non-Audiologists to conduct automated diagnostic hearing testing outside of a sound booth.

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  • SHOEBOX QuickTest

    A quick, self-administered screening tool used to identify and pre-qualify new customers.

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  • SHOEBOX Data Management

    A cloud-based portal to centralize access, management, and analysis of patient data and test results.

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  • “With SHOEBOX, I can give my patients the most complete care possible. Thank you!”

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  • “SHOEBOX has made my clinic more efficient and helped me get even more patients through the door.”

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  • “I have all the equipment I need to do Pure Tone, Bone, Speech, etc. right on the iPad. I recommend SHOEBOX Audiometry to help you with all your testing needs!”

    — Karen Knight, K Knight Hearing

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  • “I am confident in the results I am getting with SHOEBOX when testing in a quiet room. I have compared them to the patient's results when tested in the booth. They are almost identical and all within 5 dB. I think at first I questioned not using a booth, but after months of reliable results, those concerns have gone to the wayside. And, patients are loving the fact that they don't have to be in a booth!”

    — Cornerstone Audiology

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  • “I used SHOEBOX for testing in Albany last week. Since I was able to import all my employee's demographic data ahead of time, I was able to complete testing very quickly.”

    — Rob Blanchette, Corporate Health & Safety Manager at Laframboise Group

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  • “SHOEBOX is great. We can perform tests whenever we want rather than having to schedule and pay trip charges for a testing truck to come onsite. Also, if an employee misses a test due to illness or personal time off, we just make up the test whenever they are back at work. We no longer have the expense of bringing the truck back onsite or sending the employee out to a hearing clinic. I especially like that I can test new employees immediately after their start date to establish a baseline and to know if they joined us with a pre-existing hearing condition rather than trying to determine that later.”

    — Gordon Eby, Technical Manager at Minimizer

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