This helps to service those in developing and under-served regions where there can be a significant shortage of both audiological expertise and equipment. 

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  • Easy-to-use – almost anyone can administer a diagnostic hearing test
  • Clinically validated to produce accurate results
  • Language independent and won’t be affected by power outages
  • Fun and interactive for all users
  • Paperless data management
  • Hearing mission dominican republic

    Case Study: Bringing Hearing Health to Poor and Underserved Haitians in the Dominican Republic

    In the summer of 2016, Brenda Tulio and her son traveled to the Dominican Republic (D.R.) with the Haitian Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Team (HHART). HHART missions are supported, organized, and led by Rotary Clubs in Central Canada. Their primary mission is to help improve the quality of life of poor and disadvantaged people – primarily of Haitian heritage – living near Puerto Plata and Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Clinical Validation

  • CHEO
  • Journal of Voice
  • McGill
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Canadian Acoustics
  • Journal of Otolaryngology

SHOEBOX has been clinically validated for use as a diagnostic audiometer, even when testing is performed outside of a sound booth. We have been included in various studies on the efficacy of tablet audiometry, conducted at some of the world’s leading institutions. 


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