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How Our Audiology Review Network is Closing the Loop on your Compliant Occupational Hearing Testing Workflow

Hearing Conservation

At SHOEBOX, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for helping to modernize occupational hearing testing. Thanks to mobile technology, we’ve dragged testing out of the literal dark ages (cramped, uncomfortable sound-proof booths) and made it easy, accessible, and more affordable. However an essential element of a compliant program is the review that must take place after testing has occurred.

To round out our solution for Occupational Hearing Testing, we now offer Audiology Review Services delivered by an international network of regionally licensed reviewers. We are introducing the SHOEBOX Audiology Review Network.

If you have considered bringing your testing program in-house or are a service provider who would like to offer hearing testing but doesn’t have access to a local audiologist or the resources to engage one in every city or state where you have program members or clients, we’ve solved this dilemma for you.

SHOEBOX customers who are enrolled in the Audiology Review Network will have their test results reviewed weekly by a member of our network. They are all regionally licensed Audiologists with experience in occupational testing programs. They provide baseline setting and revision, shift determination and confirmation, identification and review of problem audiograms, ensuring the completeness of results, and determining follow-up recommendations.

Our premium service is designed with our client’s OSHA reporting requirements in mind. Our reviewers look at every audiogram and will do so within a week. This ensures adequate time for scheduling and re-tests where needed or filing logs with OSHA. And our network of reviewers uses a consistent method of evaluation, drawing on their clinical hearing health expertise, historical test results, and employee questionnaire responses before drawing their conclusions. This helps our customers ensure consistency across the program, wherever their employees reside.

The SHOEBOX solution for Occupational Hearing Test comprised of the iPad-based hearing test equipment, our data management portal, and now Review Services. The process of reviewing test results harnesses the strength of our browser-based data management portal. All employee data and test results seamlessly sync to this secure portal and can be instantly accessed remotely by our network members. Employees can be flagged, allowing for superior communication of critical information and follow-up actions between the audiologist and the employer. This improvement to workflow, coupled with an expanded level of communication, produces accelerated turnaround times for both testing and action.

Of course, audiometric testing is a crucial element in any hearing conservation program, but to efficiently adhere to OSHA requirements, you need to close the loop on reviews and the next steps. We’re delighted to be able to offer the services of our Audiology Review Network to help our customers meet their compliance goals.

If you are ready to make the shift to boothless testing or would like to learn more about the SHOEBOX Solution for Occupational Hearing Testing, contact us today.

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