What We Learned Running Lead Generation for Hearing Care Industry Customers

Hearing Services

Over the past few months we partnered with a couple of our customers in the Hearing Care Industry to help them with lead generation pilot programs. Specifically, using our self-administered simple hearing screener on an iPad as a method for both collecting names of potentially interested new customers, and pre-qualifying them based on whether or not they presented with some possible hearing loss. I thought you might be interested in some of what we learned.

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hearing conservation conferences 2018

5 Occupational Hearing Conservation Conferences for 2018

Hearing Conservation

As the end of summer quickly approaches, I can’t help but feel these last few months of 2017 will start to fly right past us. Before we know it, it will be 2018 and that means a whole new year of conferences! It’s never too early to start planning in my opinion, and I’ve been keeping a running list of events to investigate further. But I thought I’d share the top 5 occupational hearing conservation conferences that we are considering for 2018. Whether we exhibit, present, or simply  attend, we are interested in getting  involved in some way for each show. Not only are we excited to share news about SHOEBOX Audiometry with all the amazing people we meet at these events, but we can’t wait to learn from the best and brightest in the occupational hearing conservation industry.

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Hearing Health

Ten Habits for your Best Hearing Health

Hearing Health

Hearing is a sense that many of us take for granted but it is essential to our well being and for keeping us connected to our friends, family, peers, and colleagues. Unfortunately there comes a time for almost everyone – 1 in 3 over the age of 65 to be exact –  where hearing clearly in a noisy environment starts to become difficult. We may have trouble talking on the telephone or engaging in conversation in a busy restaurant. Have you started turning up the volume on the television to hear it clearly?

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Hearing Testing in Primary Care

Why You Should Add Mobile Hearing Screening Equipment To Your Primary Care Practice

Family Practice and Pediatricians

With today’s ongoing advancements in technology, including new automated tablet based audiometers, offering your patients a clinically valid, diagnostic hearing test is now a possibility.  These modern, mobile audiometers make accurate hearing testing fast, simple, and cost effective. In this article we summarize why you should consider adding  hearing testing to your practice and how to get started.

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