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Here's a quick glimpse of the case study interview between Bruyère Hospital and SHOEBOX Ltd. founder, Dr. Bromwich, on the CANHealth Network project.

In this video, Dr. Bromwich speaks to three members of the Bruyère Hospital team about the implementation of SHOEBOX QuickTest hearing assessments to all of the new admissions within the Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit. This CANHealth project aims to help improve patient care by including an objective hearing assessment as part of a holistic process.

Disclaimer: SHOEBOX QuickTest is not a diagnostic hearing test nor a medical assessment. It's a tool designed to give you general information about your hearing. Please see a healthcare provider if you have recently noticed a sudden change in hearing, ear pain, and/or discharge. Please stop the test if you experience discomfort (e.g. dizziness, uncomfortably loud sounds). This test is intended for those aged 18 and over. By taking this test, you agree to the terms of our 

Bruyère Hospital Improves Patient Experience Using SHOEBOX QuickTest