An older gentleman and a female health care provider, both wearing protective face masks, reviewing hearing test results from an iPad

Yes Hearing Brings Health Care Home

"I would highly recommend SHOEBOX to anybody providing mobile hearing care. This applies to private homes, nursing homes, and community centers. SHOEBOX is light, portable, and easy to use." Phillips continues, "Our providers and patients have both been highly impressed by the ease, convenience, and professionalism which it provides."

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SHOEBOX Audiometry Case Study - Occupational Hearing Screening

Large Energy Corporation Brings Hearing Testing In-House with SHOEBOX Audiometry

“Making this switch has resulted in huge cost savings for us. We’re no longer paying to bring the service provider on site. We’re not being charged mileage to drag a huge trailer between our facilities, and I’m only paying for one technician who helps administer testing. But most importantly, our productivity isn’t impacted by annual testing days — and retests at the clinic. And our new clinic is climatized. Our employees find this much more enjoyable.”

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