Pharmacist holding a prescription bag

The Importance of Healthcare Data and Other Lessons Learned From My Time Working in a Smalltown Pharmacy

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I recently visited the pharmacy in the small town where I grew up. It's the same place I spent years facing up shelves and mopping floors as a high school kid on weekends.

Growing up in a small town, there were few student job prospects. I started by doing farm work; to be fair, it would be better described as cleaning stalls. The job was tough, and the aroma was worse. There were also those couple years of pumping gas at a local highway gas station; it didn't smell much better. Working in a drugstore was a nice change.

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Teleaudiology Guide: What is Teleaudiology and How it’s Improving Audiology for Patients and Providers

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We took for granted many aspects of our day that were previously routine, such as providing regular patient check-ups, follow-ups, and acute hearing care. However, when hearing diagnostics and hearing loss intervention became more challenging, many audiologists adapted - building windmills rather than walls. The evolution and adoption of teleaudiology before and during the pandemic is one of the most significant examples of innovation that the audiology industry has experienced in decades. The future of teleaudiology is happening here and now, and this exciting shift rapidly transforms how hearing care is delivered.

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Become More Efficient, Improve Your Patient Experience, Resolve Backlogs, and Save Money with Boothless Audiometric Testing

Audiology and ENT Clinics, Audiometry, Hearing Health, Hearing Services, SHOEBOX News

Many believe to have a clinically valid audiometric test; it must occur in a sound booth. They believe it is necessary to eliminate any background noise and possible distractions that could lead to inaccurate test results. However, recent advances in audiometric technology are enabling a shift to test outside of the booth. This shift is being widely embraced by both hearing healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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Desktop with a notepad, laptop, headphones and other work-related items

How Clinicians are Using Online Hearing Screening to Increase Appointments

Audiometry, Hearing Health, Hearing Services

It is truly amazing when we stop and think of all the incredible things our ears do for us every day. Our hearing can help us pick out the words from a favorite song that is stuck in our head; it can pluck out the voice of a loved one in a crowded restaurant; it can connect us to nature with the sounds of waves crashing on a beach on a sunny summer day. Our hearing quite literally is the soundtrack to life.

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