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Finding the Right Workplace Hearing Testing Technology Partner for Efficient, Accurate, and Compliant Testing

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A well-managed workplace hearing testing program protects workers from noise-induced hearing loss while ensuring your organization complies with regulatory requirements. To achieve this, it is crucial to partner with a comprehensive workplace hearing testing solution that will work with you to build a modern, compliant, and cost-effective program.

The ideal solution will include industry-leading technology, program oversight from a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise, and security measures that ensure your data is protected at all times. It should also offer the ability to establish consistent testing protocols effortlessly while still providing flexibility. Throughout this guide, we will explore these critical elements and share how SHOEBOX PureTest can help to enable more streamlined and cost-efficient programs across the United States and Canada.

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SHOEBOX PureTest: Adding Hearing Testing to the Occupational Health Services You Offer

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Workplace health and safety service providers work tirelessly to ensure their clients comply with OSHA regulations. We've had the opportunity to partner with service providers of all sizes, powering their occupational hearing testing programs with SHOEBOX.

We equip service providers with the tools they need to achieve OSHA-compliant testing programs, facilitate workflows that minimize interruptions to productivity, and open the door to secure data management.

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