An image displaying the beginning of a hearing test using SHOEBOX PureTest

Introducing SHOEBOX PureTest: Our Newest Automated Audiometer Designed to Help Ensure Consistency In Testing Across Large Groups

Audiometry, Hearing Conservation

We are excited to introduce SHOEBOX PureTest, the only workflow-driven audiometer in the market. We believe it makes achieving compliance in your workplace hearing testing program even easier. Regardless of who administers the tests or how many members you have in your program. As we said earlier, accuracy is essential. SHOEBOX PureTest was developed with precisely this in mind. We’d love to show you how it could benefit your program or service as well.

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An image depicting the safe social distance of 6 feet of space between people

Infection Control Practices for Hearing Testing

Hearing Conservation, Hearing Conservation eBook, Hearing Health

2020 will be etched in our minds for decades to come. Events related to Covid-19 have made infection control an even more important consideration for your employees, and your Hearing Conservation Program (HCP). There are several advantages to portable, tablet-based testing equipment over conventional approaches. Most notable is the ability to enable hearing testing all while adhering to physical distancing practices.

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