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How Clinicians are Using Online Hearing Screening to Increase Appointments

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It's genuinely astonishing when we try to think of all the incredible things our ears do for us every day. Our hearing can help us pick out the words from a favorite song that is stuck in our head; it can pluck out a voice of a loved one in a crowded restaurant; it can connect us to nature with the sounds of waves crashing on a beach on a sunny summer day. Our hearing quite literally is the soundtrack to life.

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How SHOEBOX Products Can Support Tele-Audiology and Mobile Audiology Process

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There are many ways SHOEBOX can help people work and provide hearing screening and diagnostic testing outside the traditional clinic. Methods can range from patients having diagnostic hearing testing done in-person outside of the hearing clinic to an entire tele-audiology process in which the clinician is not physically with patients, instead remotely connected.

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Image of Bruyere staff holding SHOEBOX QuickTest for in-patient hearing screening

Auditory Screening Tool Finds Permanent Home at Bruyère

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Audio permeates every moment of our lives, and the ability to hear can have a deep impact on our quality of life. It’s as simple as hearing the kettle go off, as pleasurable as catching music on the radio, and as crucial as hearing our doctors’ recommendations. That is why after a two month pilot, Bruyère has procured SHOEBOX Ltd’s QuickTest auditory screening tool for permanent implementation at the Élisabeth Bruyère and Saint-Vincent hospitals in Ottawa.

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Infection Control Practices for Hearing Testing

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2020 will be etched in our minds for decades to come. Events related to Covid-19 have made infection control an even more important consideration for your employees, and your Hearing Conservation Program (HCP). There are several advantages to portable, tablet-based testing equipment over conventional approaches. Most notable is the ability to enable hearing testing all while adhering to physical distancing practices.

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