Hearing mission dominican republic

Case Study: Bringing Hearing Health to Poor and Underserved Haitians in the Dominican Republic

Case Study, Humanitarian

In the summer of 2016, Brenda Tulio and her son traveled to the Dominican Republic (D.R.) with the Haitian Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Team (HHART). HHART missions are supported, organized, and led by Rotary Clubs in Central Canada. Their primary mission is to help improve the quality of life of poor and disadvantaged people – primarily of Haitian heritage – living near Puerto Plata and Sosua, Dominican Republic.

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A Hearing Mission to the Dominican Republic with SHOEBOX Audiometry

Case Study: A Hearing Mission to the Dominican Republic with SHOEBOX Audiometry

Case Study, Humanitarian

In the summer of 2016, a second-year medical student traveled to the Dominican Republic for six weeks to perform an independent hearing study funded by his university. Although the capital city has a newly established audiology-training program that has started to provide substantial improvements in resources for individuals with hearing loss, resources outside of the capital city for hearing health remain scarce.

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Hearing Health Mission to Peru. School children in Peru awaiting hearing testing.

A Hearing Health Mission to Peru

Audiology and ENT Clinics, Humanitarian

Hearing loss is an invisible disability and as such, it is hard to recognize without proper screening.  However, the improvements made by treatment are so dramatic that it is well worth the effort to identify appropriate patients.  Out of the 2,100 children screened over 10 days on this mission, 34 were identified with hearing loss and 12 were candidates for further hearing rehabilitation. There is no question that their lives have been positively altered as a result.

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SHOEBOX Solution

The SHOEBOX Solution: Hardware, Software, Services, and Support

Audiology and ENT Clinics, Hearing Conservation, Hearing Services, Humanitarian

Tablet technology is revolutionizing almost every industry. That's why we chose the iPad as the platform for our audiometer. And although the tablet format makes it unique, our software is what makes it disruptive. The beauty of software is that it keeps getting better and allows us to continue to innovate. But the audiometer is only one component of our full solution.

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