Impact of Ototoxicants in Hearing Conservation Program

The Impact of Ototoxicants in Hearing Conservation Programs

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Millions of workers are exposed to potentially damaging levels of noise on a daily basis and, when uncontrolled, this noise can cause life-altering hearing damage. The same can be said about the chemical agents found in many workplaces. Significant research has been devoted to understanding the negative impact that ototoxic chemicals (known as ototoxicants) can have on one’s hearing and balance. As with unsafe noise levels, a well-designed hearing conservation program will protect workers against hearing health issues resulting from exposure to ototoxicants.

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Hearing Testing in Primary Care

Why You Should Add Mobile Hearing Screening Equipment To Your Primary Care Practice


With today’s ongoing advancements in technology, including new automated tablet based audiometers, offering your patients a clinically valid, diagnostic hearing test is now a possibility.  These modern, mobile audiometers make accurate hearing testing fast, simple, and cost effective. In this article we summarize why you should consider adding  hearing testing to your practice and how to get started.

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