Davidson Hearing Aid Case Study

Case Study: Davidson Hearing Aid Centres Increases Appointments with SHOEBOX QuickTest

Case Study, Hearing Services


There are only a few companies in the hearing industry that have sustained their vision, traditions, and quality for multiple generations. Fewer still can claim consistent family ownership and brand name integrity for over 75 years. Founded in 1943 by W.E Davidson, this family-owned business has grown into a hearing healthcare leader in Eastern Ontario. Davidson Hearing Aid Centres now have four locations in Ottawa as well as clinics in Brockville, Cornwall, Pembroke, Arnprior, and Renfrew.

The Business Challenge

Davidson Hearing Aid Centres have a passion for hearing awareness with a focus on educating people on their hearing health. One of the many ways they support this focus is through the semi-annual Fifty-Five Plus Lifestyle Show, which they are the presenting sponsor of. This weekend event draws thousands of attendees each day, where Davidson Hearing Aid Centres offers free cleaning and checks on hearing aids, as well as demonstrations on the latest technology in the industry.

Over the years, there has been an expectation by attendees to have their hearing checked onsite. This has presented many logistical challenges, including the time it takes to perform a test, the clinician manpower needed to administer them, and being able to provide this service in a noisy trade show environment.

The Service

For the past four years, Davidson Hearing Aid Centres have implemented the SHOEBOX QuickTest at this consumer show. In 2019, the hearing tests were performed on the trade show floor using the updated version of QuickTest and RadioEar DD450 headphones. QuickTest was able to provide accurate results for screening 2000 Hz and above in this trade show environment by leveraging its innovative algorithm to compensate for high foot traffic and background noise.

The Outcomes

The participants showed significant enthusiasm for both the attended and unattended kiosks. Through QuickTest, 589 attendees were able to have their hearing screened over the past two shows. The compelling reaction to the hearing test suggests a growing interest in the market for hearing health awareness. Upon completion of the screening, the participants were provided with cards for hearing support follow-up. This led to 87 complete hearing test appointments being booked to see an audiologist at one of Davidson’s clinics.

The relationship between Davidson Hearing Aid Centres and SHOEBOX has been two-fold. For Davidson, they have been able to provide support and assistance to hundreds of patients they may not have typically had access to. They are able to offer a service at the event, to people who may not have had access to a testing facility, or may still be early in their journey to acknowledging their hearing loss. They are also able to provide assistance to individuals that require follow up and can help to improve their lives through access to an audiologist for additional testing and/or hearing aids.

For SHOEBOX, The Davidson staff have provided priceless feedback on the SHOEBOX product. SHOEBOX is continuously iterating and improving the product based on innovation and feedback from its customers and partners. SHOEBOX and Davidson Hearing Aid Centres will continue to support each other in this respected and fundamental arena.