Online Digital Audiometry vs. Conventional Audiometry: a Multi-Centre Comparative Clinical Study



In 2021, through a WS Audiology acquisition, Koalys, a company that provides advanced diagnostic hearing care delivered on a digital platform, joined the SHOEBOX family. The great synergy between the two hearing diagnostic companies further enables our goal of offering high quality hearing care for everyone. The products previously offered by Koalys have been rebranded and given the SHOEBOX touch for a unified experience. The new SHOEBOX Platform encompasses Consult, an in-clinic solution, and Remote, a teleaudiology solution. These new products complement and expand the offerings giving a complete end-to-end solution from lead capture to diagnosis and hearing aid fitting.

The Consult, in-clinic, testing solution has been available on the French market for several years. It is a browser-based audiometer allowing clinicians to access the testing platform from any computer. The following publication covers the initial testing of the novel Consult system in a clinical setting prior to release on the market.

Participants from three different hearing clinics had their hearing tested using conventional and online digital audiometry. Comparing the results from the two testing modalities, on average hearing thresholds were within 5 dB of the conventional air and bone conduction results. These results demonstrate that Consult, online digital audiometer, is a clinically accurate method for hearing assessment.