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How UK Ear Wax Clinics are Generating Leads and Referrals with SHOEBOX

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Ear wax, clinically known as cerumen, is natural, healthy, protective, and all humans produce it. In fact, wax can prevent debris from entering the ear canal and potentially damaging delicate ear drum structures. A buildup, or blockage, of ear wax, is a common cause of temporary hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss can be caused when sound cannot travel from the outer ear to the middle ear due to a blockage in the ear canal. Fortunately, hearing loss caused by such a build-up can usually be resolved by having a trained individual remove excess wax from the ear canal.

Clinics specializing in ear wax removal are commonly found in the UK. They not only provide quick and convenient access for those seeking intervention, but they can also serve as an excellent referral source for overall hearing healthcare services and audiological assessments.

While many of these clinics list ear wax removal as one of their main clinical services, they are well-positioned to provide other hearing healthcare services. For example, clinics that had previously solely provided cerumen removal are now introducing hearing screening to their clients. Patients are generally screened both before and after wax removal. The results of the hearing screenings can quickly rule out a lasting conductive component and provide the client with a tangible measure of the positive impact of having their ears cleaned.

Generally, clinics will review the audiometric screening results with the patient after ear wax removal. However, if hearing loss is still present after the cerumen debridement, the clinic employee will typically refer the client to a full-service audiology clinic for a comprehensive audiological evaluation.

SHOEBOX QuickTest has proven especially useful for health clinic triage with its ability to provide simple hearing screening in less than two minutes. This simple hearing screening test helps drive hearing care awareness and provides a cost-effective and straightforward way to refer business to their colleagues in hearing care. Its ability to be used in both attended and unattended mode enables the patient to have their hearing screened at any time during their visit. Patients can choose to have their results emailed to them, providing them with a copy of their screening results.

Like many health clinics, wax removal clinics continuously seek new and innovative ways to acquire new clients. Patient acquisition strategies vary, with many utilizing both traditional and digital marketing techniques. SHOEBOX Online is another solution that can be used to generate business for wax removal clinics. The online hearing screener is a highly effective screener that can be effortlessly added to a clinic’s website. This provides the clinic with a powerful tool available on its website 24/7. The potential client can complete the online hearing screener on any desktop or mobile device from the comfort of their own home using any type of headphone. The screening tool can be customized with the clinic’s branding, and participants can see first-hand how cerumen build-up is potentially affecting their hearing. The clinic can contact the participant using contact information collected during the online screener.

Ear wax build-up and blockage is a common condition, and removing wax blockages can substantially improve a person’s hearing. Expanding the services offered to clients of wax removal clinics can help them progress to the next step in optimizing their overall hearing health. Learn more about how SHOEBOX’s hearing screening solutions have helped clinics worldwide provide a value-add to their clients and generate more business at the same time.