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Case Study: Enhancing Mobile Audiology Care: A Case Study with Kathleen Wallace, Au.D. LLC

Case Study, Hearing Services

Introduction: The Search for a Mobile Audiometer

In the fast-paced metropolis of New York City, audiologist Kathleen Wallace, Au.D., has established herself as a prominent mobile practitioner, extending audiological services to patients throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. As an independent contractor collaborating with a larger audiology clinic, Kathleen sought a portable audiometer that seamlessly aligns with her practice’s unique needs. This case study delves into Kathleen’s journey of discovering SHOEBOX Consult and its transformative integration into her mobile audiology practice, revolutionizing her approach to hearing testing and patient care.

Background: Empowering Audiology Beyond Traditional Boundaries – Kathleen’s Path to Mobile Care
Kathleen’s audiology career took shape following the successful completion of her AuD at CUNY Graduate Center. Her professional journey encompassed significant roles in esteemed medical settings such as Mount Sinai and Northwell Health – however, Kathleen’s true calling extended beyond the confines of traditional practice.

Driven by a vision of patient-centric care and leveraging her expertise in education, Kathleen embarked on a multifaceted path. She embraced the roles of an adjunct professor, Head of Provider Education for Tuned, and a virtual and in-home care provider. In her pursuit of expanding audiological accessibility, Kathleen harnessed the power of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to educate and engage with her audience.

Determined to deliver personalized audiological care directly to her patients, Kathleen sought to overcome the limitations of brick-and-mortar clinics. She aimed to bring audiology services to patients’ homes, forging a new paradigm of convenience and accessibility in the field.

The Decision to Embrace SHOEBOX Consult

With a keen awareness of our reputation as a pioneer in portable audiology solutions, Kathleen had been closely following our product development. When she found herself in need of lightweight and compact equipment, we emerged as a possible good fit. The remarkable portability of SHOEBOX Consult, its seamless compatibility with laptops, and the inclusion of advanced features such as multiple recorded word lists, QuickSIN, and video otoscopy, solidified Kathleen’s trust that it was the perfect solution for her dynamic mobile audiology practice.

At SHOEBOX, we take pride in providing cutting-edge audiology solutions that meet the evolving needs of professionals like Kathleen. The compact and lightweight design of SHOEBOX Consult empowers audiologists to deliver exceptional care to their patients in any setting without compromising on accuracy or efficiency. Our commitment to innovation and our dedication to meeting the unique requirements of mobile practitioners like Kathleen has made SHOEBOX Consult the preferred choice for forward-thinking audiologists seeking the best portable audiology solution on the market.

Integration and Benefits: Streamlining Mobile Audiology with SHOEBOX Consult

Since Kathleen incorporated SHOEBOX Consult into her mobile audiology practice, the integration has been seamless and transformative. With SHOEBOX Consult, Kathleen can now conduct comprehensive hearing assessments outside of the traditional soundbooth, expanding the reach of her services to patients wherever they may be. The compact and lightweight design of SHOEBOX Consult has not only made transportation more convenient, even on crowded public transit but has also showcased cutting-edge advancements in portable audiology technology.

One of the standout features of SHOEBOX Consult, cherished by Kathleen, is its exceptional portability. The ability to perform tests solely through a laptop and headphones has revolutionized the patient experience she delivers. Patients are consistently impressed by the convenience and efficiency of this modern approach to hearing testing. Additionally, SHOEBOX Consult’s inclusion of QuickSIN has been a game-changer for Kathleen, as it empowers her to effectively address patients’ primary concern of hearing in challenging background noise environments.

With SHOEBOX Consult, Kathleen has experienced enhanced mobility, increased patient satisfaction, and greater efficiency in her mobile audiology practice. The integration of this state-of-the-art solution has propelled Kathleen’s practice to new heights, enabling her to deliver top-quality care to her patients with unmatched convenience and precision.

Results and Benefits: Transforming Patient Outcomes

Since integrating SHOEBOX Consult into her mobile audiology practice, Kathleen has observed remarkable results and experienced numerous benefits. On average, she conducts hearing assessments for approximately 15 patients per month, and a significant number of these individuals choose to move forward with hearing aids based on the test outcomes. It is important to note that Kathleen’s patient population may be self-selecting, as those who schedule home visits are typically already aware of their hearing loss and motivated to seek hearing aid solutions. Nonetheless, the high success rate speaks to the effectiveness of Kathleen’s approach and the impact of using SHOEBOX Consult.

One of the most significant advantages of Kathleen’s mobile audiology practice is the time-saving aspect it offers to patients. By eliminating the need for patients to commute to a traditional clinic and wait in crowded waiting rooms, Kathleen’s services have become much more accessible and convenient. This aspect holds particular value for patients who face challenges leaving their homes, such as the elderly or individuals with mobility issues. SHOEBOX Consult has enabled Kathleen to bring audiological care directly to their doorstep, ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to hearing health. Something that we’re particularly proud to help Kathleen accomplish.

By leveraging SHOEBOX Consult’s portability and advanced features, Kathleen has successfully transformed her practice and improved the overall patient experience. The combination of accurate testing capabilities, efficient workflows, and the ability to address patients’ primary concern of hearing in background noise through QuickSIN has set her apart as a trusted provider of audiological care. Patients are amazed by the convenience and modernity of the testing process and are empowered to make informed decisions about their hearing health.


Based on her exceptional experience, Kathleen wholeheartedly recommends SHOEBOX Consult to her peers in the audiology field. The reliability, portability, and exceptional support provided by SHOEBOX have exceeded her expectations. For audiologists seeking a portable solution that allows them to deliver mobile care without compromising on quality and efficiency, SHOEBOX Consult is the ideal choice.

By conducting tests outside the traditional soundbooth, Kathleen has enhanced the convenience and accessibility of hearing assessments. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients further solidifies SHOEBOX Consult as an invaluable asset in Kathleen’s practice, elevating the standard of audiological care in New York.

Are you ready to transform your audiology practice with the accuracy and mobility of SHOEBOX Consult? Contact our team today and unlock the full potential of portable audiology. Your patients deserve the absolute best, and SHOEBOX Consult is here to deliver. Join Kathleen and numerous other hearing care professionals who have already elevated their mobile services to new heights. Get in touch with us now to start your digital hearing screening journey.