An older gentleman and a female health care provider, both wearing protective face masks, reviewing hearing test results from an iPad

Case Study: Yes Hearing Brings Health Care Home

Case Study, Hearing Services


Yes Hearing, established in 2018 in New York, has quickly become one of America’s leading concierge audiology services, offering hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, adjustments, and ongoing care, all from the comfort of the patient’s home. They employ a team of over 100 consultants made up of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists operating across seven states. This network of providers varies in background and time commitment; some work for ENTs, in hospitals, or at private clinics, either full or part-time. The range is considerable.

Business Challenge

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has added to business challenges worldwide. Yes Hearing is no different. Their core value is the ability to offer a full range of hearing health services for patients in their homes with the option of providing hearing aids to those that require them. With the new restrictions that the pandemic has mandated, finding a workaround was crucial to the business’s success, and SHOEBOX was instrumental in helping the company accommodate the unique world circumstances.

Business Process

When a patient requires a hearing test, Yes Hearing will deliver an audiometer to a provider who will hand carry it to the patient’s home. The system is clinically validated to produce accurate results outside of an audiometric booth. This means the consultant can use it to administer a hearing test in any quiet location in the home. The systems are easy to disinfect while wearing Personal Protective Equipment and remaining at a safe physical distance; the consultant can easily administer a valid test and, if required, help the patient with the purchase and fitting of a pair of hearing aids.

Oliver Phillips, COO, Yes Hearing, states, “Implementing SHOEBOX has been seamless! The software is intuitive, and there is a great support team if we need it.”

This new workflow has benefited the business in many ways, enabling them to continue offering services even while other clinics have had to close or reduce their hours of service. The patient receives an accurate and thorough hearing test while the audiologists and hearing instrument specialists know they are programming an accurate audiogram.

Business Outcome

Yes Hearing offers their patients the most convenient way to assess and begin their journey to good hearing health.  This mission is one of the many reasons the business continues to purchase additional SHOEBOX systems. The easy-to-use portable devices help overcome the major barrier of providing fantastic hearing care in a patient’s home. Phillips states,” I would highly recommend SHOEBOX to anybody providing mobile hearing care. This applies to private homes, nursing homes, and community centers. SHOEBOX is light, portable, and easy to use.” Phillips continues, “Our providers and patients have both been highly impressed by the ease, convenience, and professionalism which it provides.”