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What We Learned Running Lead Generation for Hearing Care Industry Customers

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Over the past few months, we partnered with a couple of our customers in the Hearing Care Industry to help them with lead generation pilot programs. Specifically, using our self-administered simple hearing screener on an iPad as a method for both collecting names of potentially interested new customers and pre-qualifying them based on whether or not they presented with some possible hearing loss. I thought you might be interested in some of what we learned.

Attended and Unattended Mode

First, we ran these pilots in a couple of different ways. One of our customers used the system at a health fair, where it was continually attended by a staff member who was working at the event. They placed it in their booth on the conference floor and invited attendees to perform a quick, self-administered hearing screening test. The test itself took less than a minute. Attendees were asked to provide their contact details at the conclusion of the test so they could be scheduled for a more detailed follow-up appointment at the clinic if some possible hearing loss had been detected. If the test showed normal hearing and that they were not a good candidate for the clinic’s services, then no further action was taken, ensuring they were not wasting any valuable clinic time with folks they didn’t really need to see.

In the second scenario, our customer partnered with a local pharmacy and had the system set up in a spot near the prescription counter. Although pharmacy staff kept an eye on the system, for the most part, it was left completely unattended. Again, at the end of the short test, people were invited to provide their contact details so that clinic staff could generate a list of potentially interested candidates. They prioritized their follow-up only with those who presented with some hearing loss.

Customized Configurations

In both of these programs, our customers tailored the system to their specific needs. It was branded with their clinic logos so that the users knew who to expect the follow-up phone call or email from. And each was able to decide exactly what information they wanted to collect in their forms. For example, one had multiple clinics across the city, so they opted to ask for a zip code so they could forward the lead to the clinic located closest to where the individual lived. The other wanted to collect a preferred contact method (email or phone), so we added this question to their form. Both also included branded signage that was affixed to the kiosk stand. The signs were large and eye-catching, used to capture attention and make it clear what exactly they were offering.

Easy Set Up and Installation

We deployed both systems with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) service installed. The addition of MDM meant they could literally unpack the boxes upon receipt, turn the iPads on and start using the systems. No initial setup is required on behalf of the user, so for those who are less familiar with tablet technology or who don’t have the luxury of an in-house I.T. team, this service makes getting started a breeze. It also means that we handle things like ensuring the system is running the latest iOS or version of the software, that corporate policies like the use of passwords or patch upgrades are always enforced, and that they have easy access to training materials or videos right from the iPad.

The screener at the health fair was used over a two-day period, while the one in the pharmacy was set up for 10. Since the health fair screener was constantly attended, our customer opted not to use any stand or case, while the unattended pharmacy system was securely locked in a kiosk stand with an integrated headphone holder that prevents the transducers from coming detached from the iPad itself. We work closely with the supplier of the kiosk stand, and we chose them in part because they offer hardware setup support. Once the kiosk stand and iPad system arrived at the pharmacy, they sent a representative to complete the installation. Our customer didn’t even need to be there for the system to start generating leads!

Remote Access

This new customer acquisition solution includes access to our cloud-based portal, which is where all of the leads are automatically pushed. So, while staff were at the health fair, employees back home could access the portal in real-time and immediately send out follow-up emails – while their brand name was still top of mind –  to these newly acquired contacts. It is the same for the clinic that partnered with the pharmacy. Access to the iPad itself is not required to view who had completed the test. They just logged into their portal and exported a CSV file of new contacts every day for those 10 days.

What Did We Learn?

First, here’s what we already knew. It is not unusual for our hearing services clinic customers to spend upwards of $400-$600 to generate one new lead, and this is if they actually run any marketing campaigns. That lead could very possibly be someone whose hearing does not make them a good candidate for the clinic’s services. But we also learned that many of customers don’t know where to begin with marketing and are looking for new and innovative ways to engage with potential new customers.

Lead Generation for Less

Our customer who used the system at the health fair generated 110 qualified new leads over those 2 days. A portable audiometer’s price varies depending on whether or not you wish to use an iPad you already own or purchase a new one. We based our cost-per-lead calculations on a system with all the bells and whistles (iPad included). Because it is available for a low monthly subscription fee, we were able to estimate a total cost per lead for this one event of approximately $2.25. This customer actually attends 2 events per month, which drives that number down even more.

For our customers who left the system unattended, 48 people started the test, and 38 people completed it. 25 of those 38 presented with possible hearing loss. That is 25 qualified leads in 10 days. And in their own words, “we didn’t have to do a thing”! Had they used any other marketing tactic, the program could have cost them upwards of $20,000.

Learn More

It was a great learning experience for us all. Since that time, we’ve tweaked the system slightly to add more customization options, we’ve learned a few more things about optimal kiosk stand configurations, and frankly, we’ve helped a few more people generate more leads. We’d love to do the same for you. Whether you have a well-oiled marketing engine working for you now or if you really don’t know where to begin, leveraging this kind of technology is a simple, cost-effective, and highly engaging way to generate interest in what you have to offer.

Learn more about our SHOEBOX QuickTest new customer acquisition. We’d be happy to tell you more about it, including how you can use it to help grow your business.

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