An image displaying the beginning of a hearing test using SHOEBOX PureTest

Introducing SHOEBOX PureTest: Our Newest Automated Audiometer Designed to Help Ensure Consistency In Testing Across Large Groups

Hearing Conservation

Accuracy is an essential element of any organization’s occupational hearing testing program. Regardless of who is administering the tests, there needs to be consistency across the entire organization. But this can be difficult when individual testers may have developed their own testing protocols.

After working with hundreds of companies on their hearing testing programs or services, we developed a solution that helps solve this challenge. SHOEBOX PureTest is our newest automated audiometer, and with it, we’ve added the ability for program managers to pre-configure the systems, design a testing workflow, and then lock down these settings. This ensures that testing is conducted consistently across an entire organization with a single device or fleet of testing devices. We’ve removed the possibility for anyone to skip a step deemed necessary to your testing protocols. The result is that testing is conducted the same way, regardless of who administers or how many participants you have in your program.

SHOEBOX PureTest conforms to the ANSI standards of a clinical audiometer, making it well-suited for use in OSHA-compliant workplace hearing testing programs. It offers both automated and assisted testing modes and has been validated to produce accurate results even when used outside of a sound booth or mobile clinic. Pre-configuring test settings are conducted using the included web-based portal. Once these settings have been established, they are locked in place and pushed out to all testing devices used in your program. This centralized control helps ensure that all local test examiners follow the guidelines and protocols you have established to meet your OSHA testing requirements. We’ve created smart defaults that will enable you to be OSHA-compliant right out of the box. It will even block the test examiner from proceeding with a test if an attempt is made to skip one of your predefined steps. Ultimately, test examiners have peace of mind knowing they are conducting tests correctly, and program managers have higher confidence in their programs’ compliance levels.

SHOEBOX PureTest is even easier to use than its predecessor. It is uncomplicated, efficient, and supports an accurate and hassle-free workflow. And because it is optimized for use outside of a sound booth or mobile clinic, PureTest provides an opportunity to conduct testing at a safe and social distance. Testing equipment can be immediately cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. This also makes it more cost-efficient. Companies can save money by no longer needing to rely on mobile hearing screening trucks, whether you provide testing as a service or need to offer testing to your employees.

Why SHOEBOX PureTest?

  • Peace of Mind: Local test examiners can administer automated hearing tests with less worry of costly errors.
  • Compliance: Program managers have the confidence that testing is being conducted in a consistent method across the organization, leading to higher compliance levels.
  • Convenient and Scalable: Centralized fleet management makes it easier to get your testing program up and running and grow your program as needed.
  • Safety: Boothless testing that can be conducted at a distance and uses equipment that is simple to clean and disinfect, ensuring a better experience for testers and employees.
  • Cost-Effective: Save both time and money by having a program that reduces reliance on a mobile clinic and employee downtime.

We are excited to introduce SHOEBOX PureTest, the only workflow-driven audiometer in the market. We believe it makes achieving compliance in your workplace hearing testing program even easier. Regardless of who administers the tests or how many members you have in your program. As we said earlier, accuracy is essential. SHOEBOX PureTest was developed with precisely this in mind. We’d love to show you how it could also benefit your program or service.