An photo of a workplace employee having his hearing tested with an Occupational health and safety manager administering the test

How Mobile Workplace Audiometric Testing is Helping Service Providers

Hearing Conservation

The World Health Organization has found that noise-induced hearing loss is an all-too-common problem facing many workers. Luckily, this problem is preventable. We know that there are many experienced and talented mobile hearing testing companies working hard to support workplace hearing conservation programs around the world.

At SHOEBOX, we specialize in offering portable and easy-to-use audiometric solutions that support a paperless and scalable workflow. Our tools can open new doors for workplace hearing testing providers, including improving processes, boothless audiometric testing, paperless data management, professional program review, and socially distant workplace hearing testing solutions. The high level of automation afforded by our system provides a higher level of service while reducing overall expenses.

The Advantages of Testing Outside the Booth

Traditionally, hearing testing involves employees lining up outside your mobile screening unit. Workers are then required to take turns being tested inside a sound booth. Portable audiometers make workplace hearing screening more pleasant for everyone involved. It begins with the ability to conduct accurate audiometric assessments in any relatively quiet environment. An intelligent algorithm addresses background noise and unreliable responses, ensuring our workplace audiometers are just as accurate as more expensive traditional testing equipment.

In addition to accuracy, mobile audiometric technology makes workplace hearing testing easier for both providers and the employees being tested. For example, our tablet-based audiometer can be automated or self-administered; this allows employees to be more engaged while being tested. There’s also an increased comfort level when an employee is in a room alone with the test administrator, with minimal interruption.

Socially Distant Workplace Hearing Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how workplace hearing assessment is being done, and it’s safe to say that its impact will have a lasting effect on workplace hearing programs for years to come. Many organizations are now dealing with an ever-growing backlog of employees needing annual and baseline hearing assessments. With this expanding bottleneck of workers comes an opportunity to streamline processes while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Mobile audiometers are designed to offer a more comfortable hearing screening environment for workers. Gone are the days of cramped testing conditions and staggering appointments for the booth, and the audiometer and headphones are straightforward to wipe down and disinfect after every test.

Improved Workflow Management

SHOEBOX is powered by a cloud-based portal that will automatically archive, manage, analyze and view test data. Our Data Management portal harnesses the connectivity of our tablet-based audiometer to upload hearing health data to secure cloud-based servers instantly. No more paper records to store and sort through. Our software will automatically identify threshold shifts in addition to uploading your records on a secure and HIPAA-compliant server.

It only takes a couple of clicks to create detailed summaries and individual reports for clients with customized configurations. We designed our Data Management Portal to work with programs of all sizes and streamline the data collection needed for a small team to a large fleet client.

We want to be your partner in future success and help programs worldwide keep their workers safe. SHOEBOX can help your company improve your hearing screening processes, generate more business, increase testing volumes, provide safe and socially distant testing, and access new and powerful solutions, all while lower expenses.

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