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How SHOEBOX Hearing Conservation Screening Tools Makes Screening Accurate, Cost Efficient and Effective

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Hearing conservation is evolving. Mobile technology now offers companies of all sizes the ability to bring their hearing testing programs in-house:

  • No more sound booths required
  • No more paper records
  • No more losses in productivity

SHOEBOX is more than software; we are a comprehensive solution for modern and cost-effective occupational hearing testing programs powered by scalable processes and technology. The future of occupational hearing testing is here, and it’s accurate, cost-efficient, and convenient for administrators and employees.

Be Confident in Test Results – Our mobile audiometer is ANSI-compliant and designed to satisfy all OSHA requirements for occupational hearing testing. SHOEBOX PureTest makes testing straightforward and addresses background noise and unreliable responses thanks to an intelligent algorithm. In addition, testing can be conducted in automated and manual modes. The gamified test interface provides test subjects with a more pleasurable experience, increasing employee buy-in and higher compliance rates.

Decrease the Cost of Your Hearing Conservation Program – No more trucks, no pricey clinic trips, no more lost productivity. Instead, test your employees on a rolling schedule and never stress about an employee missing a test again. Conduct baselines as part of your onboarding process and annual tests based on start-date anniversaries, birthdays, or whenever works best for your organization.

A Better Experience for All – Mobile audiometric solutions eliminate the need for a sound booth, allowing you to perform annual hearing tests in any quiet and comfortable location that meets OSHA standards for ambient noise levels. All SHOEBOX systems come with a calibrated Class 2 microphone that allows you to perform necessary room scans before testing, ensuring that you are testing in a compliant environment. In addition, cloud-based data management and reporting tools eliminate the need for paper records. This ensures that all hearing program data is automatically saved and securely stored on the cloud, enabling you to quickly scale your program up or down as business requirements change.

Experience SHOEBOX PureTest

SHOEBOX PureTest is a multipronged solution consisting of boothless audiometric test equipment, data management, professional solutions and audiological services. Everything you need to bring your testing program in-house, manage test data, meet compliance standards, and scale your testing program as required.

The follow quote is shown. Overall the reception from our employees was great, it gives them something to do, dragging the icons, versus just sitting there hitting a button or just listening to a tone and raising their hand. Employees also didn't like getting into the confined booth and going boothless fixed that problem.













Boothless Hearing Conservation Screening Tools

  • iPad and software
  • Calibrated headphone
  • Class 2 external microphone
  • Continuous background noise monitoring
  • Carry case and accessories

Data Management

  • HIPAA-Compliant Porta
  • Automated sync from iPad to Portal
  • Shift reporting/Scheduling assistance
  • Organize and manage patient data across multiple locations

Professional Services

  • Deployment services
  • Training and onboarding
  • Ongoing device management
  • Technical support
  • Customer success planning

Audiological Services

  • Consulting services
  • Audiogram review: shift determination, problem audiograms, baseline revisions, and more
  • Audiological Professional Supervision

Our Onboarding Process

The onboarding process begins once the SHOEBOX unit is shipped. First, an Account Manager will schedule a kick-off call. This discussion is an excellent opportunity for everyone to connect and learn about your organization’s existing testing program and establish a strategy utilizing SHOEBOX technology to optimize and enhance processes. Next, we’ll get to know you and your team, introduce you to our Audiology Team, and review your data. After the kick-off call, we’ll send various training materials to guide you through the initial set-up, device training, and reporting tools.

Data Transfer

One of the most critical elements of the onboarding process is the transfer of existing hearing testing data. Shortly after the kick-off call, we will send a secure link to our Data Transfer Portal; this will be used to upload your legacy patient and audiogram data. This data must be saved in either CSV or MS Excel files. We’ll review your data to ensure it’s formatted correctly, not missing any elements or revised baselines. All data will be imported once it is ready.


Customer Portal

SHOEBOX’s HIPAA-compliant cloud-based data management portal makes it easy to organize and report on your employee hearing testing data. Your hearing testing data will be automatically synced from your portable audiometer and uploaded to our cloud-based server. It will then be accessible from any browser on any Internet-connected device.

While setting up your Customer Portal, we’ll ensure that all test parameters and portal settings are configured to meet occupational health reporting requirements. You can even add your company’s branding to your reports and workflow templates. We’ll partner with you to ensure all users are added to projects and reports pertinent to their roles. For those customers who have opted for our audiology services, our team can set your automatic triage and shift rules in the settings of your Portal.


One of the essential elements of the onboarding process is training. Our team provides live training sessions to all our Enterprise customers. These sessions last one hour and cover a wide range of information related to using both your audiometer and Portal, including:

  • How to use headphones, microphone and IPad;
  • How to use the SHOEBOX App and Portal to run and print reports;
  • How to troubleshoot error messages
  • Answers to common data import questions
  • How to perform recalibrations

You can continue to access our experienced support team and supervising Audiologists. Additionally, our Help Center contains an ever-growing selection of support articles, training videos, and downloaded resources. *


Once we’ve transferred your data, set up your Portal, and completed all training, you are ready to start using SHOEBOX for your hearing program testing. An email will be sent to you letting you know that you’re ready to begin and will summarize all the elements of your onboarding process. We’ll establish a follow-up process that suits the needs of your organization. In addition to regular meetings, customers who have opted for our audiology services will regularly receive emails with our latest FAQs, testing and program management tips, software updates and more from our Professional Services team.*

Example Enterprise Customer Roll-Out

We recently partnered with a well-known food processing company to improve the success of their hearing program by:

  • Increasing program efficiency by switching to a rolling test schedule based on hire date
  • Digitizing and standardizing all hearing testing records which improved reporting accuracy and improved compliance rates
  • Providing a more enjoyable testing experience to employees which boosted employee buy-in

In the beginning, we worked together to establish their success criteria, and with these goals, we launched a proof of concept or “Pilot” program at four of their locations. We regularly gathered feedback during the onboarding process, which we then used to create custom workflows, develop unique training materials, and eventually launch a deployment plan.

Our Professional Services and Audiology teams collaborated to import and standardize testing data and securely set up their customized portal.

During the pilot, we had an opportunity to work with various groups within the company to better understand the needs of the different stakeholders, including operations, IT/technical groups and end-users. In addition, these efforts helped us understand the various components required for a large-scale roll-out, including custom features, EMR integrations, workflow logistics, and more.

A typical pilot will last three-to-six months and include multiple sites so that we can capture an accurate snapshot of the employer’s hearing testing program. The following is a summary of key milestones of a successful pilot program launch:

Before Launching

  • Establish a program workflow
  • Define success metrics
  • Complete all training
  • Ensure that all data is imported and sanitized
  • Devices are shipped and configured

Week 1 to 10

  • Bi-weekly check-ins with stakeholders and test administrators

Week 12

  • Testing completed

Week 14

  • Reporting on success metrics
  • Review results with stakeholders and plan for the next steps.


Our goal at SHOEBOX is to partner with organizations that want to regain control of their hearing conservation programs.

The SHOEBOX solution makes it easy to meet compliance requirements while improving program efficiency and overall testing experience, leading to increased employee buy-in. Our solution is both flexible and cost-effective. By eliminating the need for trucks and offsite clinic visits, we help you run your program in a way that meets your budgetary requirements. Learn how we can partner with your organization, and let us help you take back control of your program.

* These services are only available who have opted for our audiology services

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