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The Importance of Adding Hearing Testing to Your Primary Care Practice

Hearing plays a vital role in how we interact with others and yet it is a sense that we often take for granted. It is essential to our well being, but few of us have access to regular hearing screening. Why is that? Traditionally, hearing testing required audiologic expertise, specialized equipment, and an expensive acoustic chamber, making it a difficult offering for the average [...]

Tips for Acquiring New Hearing Clinic Clients with Automated Hearing Screening

For many hearing clinics, acquiring new clients means resorting to traditional marketing approaches such as cold calling, email campaigns, print and digital advertising, even television ads. While these are  all tried-and-true techniques, they won’t necessarily ensure  that all responders are properly qualified. Your efforts may gain you numbers, but if the people who walk through your clinic doors as a result  have no [...]

Hearing Testing Protocols for Ototoxicity Monitoring of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Patients

Tuberculosis (TB) is a global pandemic, and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) presents additional, unique challenges for those who suffer from this debilitating disease. Existing drug treatments are multifactorial and complex with lengthy treatment regimens, complicated administration, and toxic secondary effects. The costly treatment of drug- resistant TB can take up to two years and presents significant challenges to health systems, payers, and patients. Recognizing that [...]

Occupational Hearing Testing With SHOEBOX Audiometry

Occupational Hearing Testing Nobody should have to sacrifice their well being, or long term health for their job. It is the responsibility of employers to implement and enforce occupational hearing testing designed to protect their employees. Unwanted noise is one of the most pervasive occupational health issues workers deal with and when employers fail to administer a proper hearing conservation program, employees face [...]

The Importance of Hearing Health in Hearing Conservation

Sound is a constant presence in our everyday lives. We are always exposed to noise from a wide variety of sources -- the radio, television, traffic, family, friends, colleagues, etc. This kind of noise generally presents no risk , and shouldn’t cause any kind of damage to our hearing. But when that noise we are exposed to becomes too loud it can become dangerous. [...]

Deaf-led Humanitarian Group Aiding Syrian Refugee Children In Lebanon

Serving and Empowering the World’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing. These are the first words you will read on the website of the only Deaf-led humanitarian group, Deaf Planet Soul (DPS). A registered non-profit group based out of Chicago, Illinois, DPS was founded by Gregory Perez, a Deaf man with decades of non-profit experience.  Recognizing that throughout history, members of the Deaf community have [...]