SHOEBOX Solution

The SHOEBOX Solution: Hardware, Software, Services, and Support

Audiology and ENT Clinics, Hearing Conservation, Hearing Services, Humanitarian

Tablet technology is revolutionizing almost every industry. That’s why we chose the iPad as the platform for our mobile audiometer. And although the tablet format makes it unique, our software is what makes it disruptive. The beauty of software is that it keeps getting better and allows us to continue to innovate. But the audiometer is only one component of our full solution.

Bundled with the testing equipment is a web portal for managing users, data, and reporting. We also offer support, including device management, professional services, and Customer Care. This complete package makes SHOEBOX unlike other systems available today.

If you were buying an audiometer, would you want one that only a hearing health professional could use? And that relies on a sound booth? One that will cost a fair bit of money and will never change until it no longer works?

Or would you prefer an easy-to-use, automated system? One that lets almost anyone administer a diagnostic hearing test. Like a nurse, office assistant, technician, industrial hygienist, and more. And one that is software-based will continue to improve over time.

You probably also want one that lets you manage employees, patients, and their data off of the iPad. One with a web-based portal that can be accessed from anywhere and from any browser. That lets data be organized in logical and meaningful ways. Where reports can be generated, shared, or even printed. And that integrates with many existing office management or electronic record systems.

You might also like to buy that system from a vendor who won’t ship the audiometer equipment and then never be heard from again.

This is where we truly shine. We are passionate about delivering exceptional personal service both during the selection process and long after you have become a customer.

We insist on providing web-hosted, 1-on- 1 training for all new users. This is because we know you will be more successful if we can show you all the system’s powerful features. And we will help you tailor it to meet your specific hearing testing needs.

We can also take care of all your device, deployment, and setup needs.  We’ll manage the individual iPads for you. We can help with protocol development and results reviews. We’ll take care of setting up your users, and we handle annual calibrations.

Once you are up and running, our Customer Care team takes over. They will reach out and check in after 30, 60, and 90 days. These check-ins provide an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and make requests.

We value these personal interactions. We believe they will make you more successful with our product. Our aim is to delight you. But we also know that the more conversations we have, our solution improves.

I mentioned this earlier, but it is worth repeating. Software keeps getting better. Our testing equipment and the portal software will evolve. How it evolves will be greatly influenced by what you need and what you tell us.

So, how do we measure your delight? You tell us that you’ll gladly recommend us to a friend or colleague. If you do tell a friend or colleague, hopefully, that means the community of people using SHOEBOX grows. This also means more people are providing more testing in more locations. And we are having more conversations with more people so our solution can keep improving and improving for you.