SHOEBOX Data Management 2.7

Screenshot of SHOEBOX Data Management 2.7

Updated: August 30, 2018

In SHOEBOX Data Management PLUS v 2.7 we have added:

  • New audiogram overlay options: Hearing loss grade overlay & SHOEBOX speech banana overlay

  • New “Recordable Shift” report

  • Enhanced view of STS and Recordable shifts in the patient summary views

  • New patient demographics in the portal (Facility, Employee ID, & Hire Date)

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Data Management Version 2.6

Screenshot of Data Management Version 2.6

In Version 2.6 of SHOEBOX Data Management we have added:

  • A Billing page where your account billing details can be managed

For SHOEBOX Data Management PLUS users we have also:

  • Added a Configuration page to customize report and display content

  • Enhanced the Reports page for running and retrieving reports

  • Added the ability to generate and export a batch file containing all summary reports for a group of patients

  • Updated the Patient Summary report with an improved layout to support speech testing results

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Version 4.12

SHOEBOX V4.11 patient face screen in Hungarian

Updated: January 31, 2018

In V4.12 of SHOEBOX Audiometry we have added:

  • Full translation of the automated test into Portuguese

  • Additional translations of patient-facing screens (automated mode), bringing the total number of translations to 27

We have also made enhancements to SHOEBOX Data Management to improve filtering, reporting, and exporting data.

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