Screenshot of Data Management Version 2.6

Data Management Version 2.6

Updated May 24, 2018

In SHOEBOX Data Management software version 2.6 we have added:

  • A Billing page which provides access for you to manage your billing account details such as credit card, billing emails, and invoices

Screenshot of Data Management Version 2.6

In SHOEBOX Data Management PLUS we have also added or updated:

  • Configuration: the General page is the area where you can set system configurations such as the averaging calculations, the shift/grade calculations, your report header and logo, patient demographics selections, and the components you wish to include in your patient summary reports

Data Management Version 2.6 with settings

  • Reports: we have modified the Reports page with the Build New Report section and added the Generated Reports section so you can retrieve reports from the past 30 days for viewing and downloading

Data Management Version 2.6 with reports

  • Batch Summary Reports: we have streamlined the preparation and delivery of a set of individual summary reports with the exporting of ZIP reports

Data Management Version 2.6 with a shift report

  • Updated the Patient Summary report with an improved layout to support speech testing results
Additional enhancements include:
  • Left and right display of audiogram history lists aligns with the audiogram chart
  • Legend added to clarify left and right baseline arrow indicator
  • Clarification on shift and roster reports for improvements in hearing levels
  • Ability to configure the calculation and display of pure tone average (PTA) and average hearing level (AHL) frequencies