Version 4.12

SHOEBOX V4.11 patient face screen in Hungarian

Updated: January 31, 2018

In V4.12 of SHOEBOX Audiometry we have added:

  • Full translation of the automated test into Portuguese

  • Additional translations of patient-facing screens (automated mode), bringing the total number of translations to 27

We have also made enhancements to SHOEBOX Data Management to improve filtering, reporting, and exporting data.

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Version 4.11.1

SHOEBOX version 4.11 switchbox screen shot

Please be sure that you are running the most current version of your Apple iPad's iOS.  SHOEBOX V4.11.1 Enhancements include:

  • a new Switchbox for connecting air and bone transducers during bone and masked bone testing

  • redesigned questionnaires, including the ability to customize

  • addition of 2 new integrated inventories

  • Korean, Danish, Georgian, Bulgarian, and Japanese language patient facing screens

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Version 4.10

Updated: September 8, 2017
In V4.10 we have added:
- a visual alert when volume levels exceed 100dB (PRO  Edition only)
- the enforcement of maximum character limits in the Patient Demographic fields
- added recovery improvements in the event of a portal synchronization error
- some performance enhancements as well as a resolution to display issues when downloading and syncing portal projects

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Version 4.8

Updated: August 24, 2017
In version 4.8 we have added:
- a new tutorial for the automated test
- optional pre-test activity for starting volume in the automated test
- a test set-up screen for the automated test
- support for select cochlear implant processors

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