SHOEBOX Audiometry Noah Integration

SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.2

In SHOEBOX version 5.2  we have added:

  • Noah integration: You can now sync your audiogram results from SHOEBOX Pro to your Noah database. For more information, download our Noah Integration Guide.

SHOEBOX Audiometry Noah Sync

  • Summary reports: Create a summary report directly from the SHOEBOX device, allowing you to view the historical test results of the patient including the established baseline test overlayed, and printing or emailing the report with your own logo directly from the SHOEBOX device.

SHOEBOX Audiometry Create Summary Report

  • Results sign-off: The patient and the test administrator can now confirm the results of the test

SHOEBOX Audiometry Results Sign Off Screen

  • Improved search function: You can now search for all patients in your Data Management Portal from the iPad.  Once you start using the new “Employee ID” field, you can also search by employee ID.


  • New and Synchronized demographic fields:  There are new demographic fields, including employee ID. The demographics on the SHOEBOX device are now synchronized to all of the fields in the data management portal.  You can configure which fields you want to see from the data management portal as well.

NOTE: we recommend always updating to the most recent iOS software. Version 5.2 is supported on iOS 11 and above.