SHOEBOX Data Management V3.21

SHOEBOX Data Management V3.21 includes the following updates:

1. Bulk email Referral letters and Summary reports
Admin users can now select multiple employees and send referral letters and summary reports via email. We hope that this new feature will reduce your workload and help save time in your workflows. Please note that this feature will only send emails to employees with ‘pending’ as the referral status and employees who have completed referrals or who do not have referrals will not be sent an email when using the bulk email feature.

2. License Self-management
This new feature is designed to give customers greater control over their license management. It provides visibility into active and available seats and allows for the removal of license activations as necessary. It should be noted that this feature is not available to all customers by default and requires the assistance of our support team for activation.

3. Other notable improvements

a. Due-for-testing changes – Employees / Patients tested in the 2 months before their regular test due date will not appear in the DFT report. This change does not roll over into the previous year. Please note that this is applicable only for those customers who have configured the report based on hire month or birth month.

b. New editor role for reports – Report owners can assign additional admin users as editors. These users will have all permissions except deleting the report

c. “Calendar Day” Test prep frequency – Additional test prep configuration options have been added to the PureTest settings page. The ’24 hours’ frequency indicates that the test prep must be completed once every 24 hours. However, the new ‘daily’ frequency specifies that the test prep must be carried out once every calendar day, offering greater flexibility in scheduling.