SHOEBOX Online V3.22

SHOEBOX Online V3.22 contains the following improvements:

  1. Cookie Consent: In order to support GDPR in the EU and other countries and states, we have provided the ability to display a cookie consent area on their SHOEBOX Online website. This is an optional feature available to administrators in our Data Management portal.
  2. Mobile Usability Improvements: We modified the user experience with a mobile device to ensure that when a participant moved from screen to screen, they would land on the top of the page. This reduces the risk of a participant not seeing all content or the page becoming unresponsive.
  3. Ability to test embedded SBO instances in a non-production environment: “localhost” and I.P. addresses can now be used as the Web Page URL for iframe configurations on the Advanced page in the customer portal. This will allow our customers to create debug configurations in a non-production environment. It allows them to test their iframes before they publish their SBO instance.