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Tips for Acquiring New Hearing Clinic Clients with Automated Hearing Screening

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For many hearing clinics, acquiring new clients means resorting to traditional marketing approaches such as cold calling, email campaigns, print and digital advertising, and even television ads. While these are all tried-and-true techniques, they won’t necessarily ensure that all responders are properly qualified. Your efforts may gain you numbers, but if the people who walk through your clinic doors, as a result,  have no problem with their hearing health, then your efforts have just cost you both money and valuable time.

There is now an approach that will help you avoid this problem. Automated, quick and simple screeners placed in locations where your audiences congregate can offer you an efficient and, most importantly, cost-effective alternative for acquiring new customers. When considering a solution, you should look for one that offers these key benefits.

Cost & Time Effective

We know that the average cost for a hearing clinic to acquire a new customer can be as high as  $400-$600. An automated hearing screening system can help you pre-qualify your leads in a far more cost-effective way. Start by placing the system in a space with high traffic, such as a clinic lobby, retail outlet, health and wellness fair or wherever your potential clients may gather.
Offering a “free” hearing screen in a game-like format will both delight and engage your audience and help you identify those who present with a possible hearing problem. With this, you know who should be prioritized for follow-up. No time is wasted when it comes to the hearing health of your new patients.

Quick & Easy

For maximum effect, this system should be simple, fast, easy to use and engaging for audiences. It should be obvious to them how to navigate the test. And although these systems require minimal supervision or instruction, it is recommended that someone check them occasionally. Look to ensure they don’t accidentally get unplugged and lose power so that you can continue to collect the test data as you expect.

It is also recommended that you look for a system that takes no longer than a minute to complete the test. Much longer than this, and your audiences may get bored and exit the test before completion.

Custom Branding

In any marketing, branding is key. It is essential to creating an impression, and this is also true with standalone hearing screeners. It will help your audience remember you long after they complete the hearing screen.

Look for options to customize your system, like adding your logo to the stand or any lead capture form. This will only help you further promote your clinic. It will also help to position you by making it obvious that yours is a specialty clinic specifically offering hearing health services.

Automated Lead Capture

This whole process only works if your automated hearing screener includes an embedded lead capture form. Upon completion of the test, your audience will be presented with a short form that can be used to capture their contact information. If you keep the form short – no more than 3 key questions – then you will have a higher probability of form completion. Consider name, email address and phone number. If you need to capture a zip code to ensure they are directed to their closest clinic, then consider making either the email or phone number an optional field.   Don’t forget, for every person who completes this form, you also know their screening results.  Prioritize follow-up with those who show some potential hearing problems. This simple lead capture form adds to the convenience of this screening system.

Quick Response

Finally – and perhaps the most important tip – it is essential that you respond quickly when a new lead has been captured, ideally within the first 24 hours after the submission of a test. We also recommend at least acknowledging each person, no matter their result. Even if they present with no potential problems today, that doesn’t mean that they may not need your services in the future.

Fast response time is also important for the patient.  If they have just learned that they may have a hearing problem, they will be comforted to know that they have quick access to a hearing health professional. By reaching out immediately, you also leave a positive and lasting impression. Another important factor for brand awareness. So to quickly recap. Place your hearing screening stand in a well-trafficked area where your audiences spend a lot of time. Ensure that the screen is quick, fun, and simple to complete. Brand your system to help your clinic with brand awareness. Ensure your lead capture form is short and sweet, and follow up quickly. Nothing is more important than getting those people who need your help into your clinic as quickly as possible.

Has adding a hearing screening system to help identify potential new clients sparked your interest? You may be interested to learn more about SHOEBOX QuickTest. It is a  fast, efficient and cost-effective solution that has been purpose-built for hearing clinics like yours.