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Think Outside of The Booth

Reducing the Annual Cost of Hearing Conservation Programs

Meet Your OSHA Requirements While Saving Time and Money with Portable, Tablet Audiometry

About The Webinar

As a Hearing Conservation Service Provider or manager of an in-house Occupational Hearing Conservation Program, you understand the challenges – and expense – associated with complying to OSHA, MSHA, or state-mandated regulatory requirements. From scheduling employee testing times to executing hearing tests, organizing reviews, tracking shifts, reporting, and preparing letters, the entire process is time consuming and expensive. Costs can soar when transport trucks have to be moved around the country, or employees are expected to take valuable time off of work for testing. But there is a better way.

You'll Learn

  1. How automated, game-play audiometry enables diagnostic threshold hearing testing that can be administered by almost anyone
  2. That SHOEBOX Audiometry has been clinically validated for use outside of a sound booth making it possible to conduct testing in most reasonably quiet locations
  3. That it is possible to simplify more of what you do – including baseline shift detections and regulatory reporting requirements – through automation and paperless data management

Alexa is the Occupational Hearing Conservation Business Unit Manager at SHOEBOX Audiometry.  In this role, she works with some of the most forward-thinking manufacturers and onsite/near-site occupational healthcare providers in North America. She has a passion for partnering with them to find innovative ways of improving the way they deliver audiometric testing as part of a hearing conservation program, all while helping them achieve their overall business objectives.

Please feel free to connect with her on Linkedin or via email to  if you have any questions about your Occupational Hearing Conservation Program or business.

About Our Speaker:

Alexa Gough

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