It is clinically validated and optimized for testing outside of a sound booth. SHOEBOX provides the power and accuracy of traditional audiology testing equipment but in a small, mobile form factor.

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  • Easy-to-use & clinically accurate audiology equipment – train support staff to administer automated hearing tests
  • Offers complete control to operate in manual, assisted, or automated testing mode
  • Includes advanced clinical capabilities
  • Integrated secure, cloud-based archive and export of patient data and test results

Clinical Validation

  • CHEO
  • Journal of Voice
  • McGill
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Canadian Acoustics
  • Journal of Otolaryngology

SHOEBOX has been clinically validated for use as a diagnostic audiometer, even when testing is performed outside of a sound booth. We have been included in various studies on the efficacy of tablet audiometry, conducted at some of the world’s leading institutions. 


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