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Our Optional Services Include:

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    Audiology Review Services

    With SHOEBOX, you have access to a network of licensed Audiologists who specialize in occupational health reviews. Our Reviewer Network covers North America and offers:

    • Shift determination and confirmation
    • Identification and review of problem audiograms
    • Baseline audiogram revisions
    • Ensuring completeness of results
    • Test follow-up recommendations
    • CAOHC-certified Supervising Audiologists
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    Audiological Consulting Services

    If you are new to an in-house testing program, or to using SHOEBOX, and would like support to incorporate it into your program, we can help. We can offer system configuration help, workflow consulting, how to enable your own reviewer in our web-based portal, baseline management, and more. Just tell us what you need.

Best Suited For

Companies Needing Audiology Review

With SHOEBOX, businesses can take control of their large, complex, and costly, hearing conservation programs by taking advantage of our audiological service. Best suited for medium to large size companies, this service offers:

  • One-stop, hassle-free access to a North America wide network of licensed Audiologists
  • Flexible, easy to use, program with comprehensive reviewer services from baseline shift determinations to follow-up recommendations
  • Full access to SHOEBOX’s network and tools