A Simple Solution for New Customer Acquisition

Qualified leads for your hearing services clinic, at a fraction the cost of traditional marketing.

How it Works


  • Simple, customizable, self-administered hearing screening test
  • Can operate in attended, or unattended ‘kiosk’ mode
  • Onscreen results display
  • Customizable branding and data collection requirements – name, email, etc
  • Paperless access to pre-qualified lead list
  • Optional Mobile Device Management – let us remotely monitor your active devices

Best Suited For

Hearing Services Clinics

Easy and cost effective new customer acquisition tool

  • Simple hearing screening test that can be performed in under 1 minute!
  • Can be operated in kiosk mode
  • Designed for high traffic areas –  health fairs, retail outlets, waiting rooms, and more
  • Users self-administer a short touch screen test
  • Option to gather contact details or ask custom questions
  • Capture hundreds of leads at a fraction the cost of traditional marketing

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  • “We left the kiosk unattended in a pharmacy and got 25 qualified leads in 10 days. For less than the price we used to pay for one qualified lead. Amazing!”

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Clinical Validation

  • CHEO
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Journal of Voice
  • McGill
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Canadian Acoustics
  • Journal of Otolaryngology

SHOEBOX has been clinically validated for use as a diagnostic audiometer, even when testing is performed outside of a sound booth. We have been included in various studies on the efficacy of tablet audiometry, conducted at some of the world’s leading institutions, including Mayo Clinic, McGill University, CHEO, and more.


Training & Support

  • Training

    We include 1 hour of “Getting Started” training and access to our online “Audiometry Essentials” training modules. Contact us if you require further customized training or just wish to learn more.

  • Annual Calibration Service

    To maintain compliance with ANSI S3.6 standards, we offer:

    • Annual notification when calibration is due
    • Automatic swap out of newly calibrated transducers
    • Return shipment for old transducers
    • New calibration certificate for ANSI records management
  • Extended Warranty

    Our subscription plans include an extended warranty for the hardware components of your system. Faulty or defective headphones, iPads, or cables that are the result of manufacturing or workmanship will be replaced free of charge.

Technical Specifications

  • Equipment

    Compatible with most iPads, contact us for more details

    Convenient, padded carrying case for your complete system (add dimensions)

  • Recommended Transducers

    RadioEar DD450

  • Testing Types

    Air conduction

  • Functionality

    Fast and fully automated screening test (1 minute)

    Easy-to- use game interface

    Up to 4 configurable frequencies

    Configurable upper primer and minimum tone output levels

    Collection of client information with a standard survey

    Surveys can be tailored through the optional customization service

    Customization of display with your own logo

    Centralized management of client screening results and survey information from all devices via Data Management PLUS portal

  • Sound Generation

    Range: 500 Hz – 8000 Hz

    10 dB to 80 db

  • Patent

    Bromwich, M. U.S. Patent 9,119,574 2012

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