Our Optional Services Include:

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    • Our guided training will prepare your team to be ready to starting testing with SHOEBOX
    • Options include:
      • On-demand video tutorials available 24/7
      • Training session for groups of 15 participants tailored to your needs
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    Technical Support


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    Dedicated Resource

    • An assigned representative to oversee your onboarding process
    • Tiered monthly services available to assist you with running your program


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    Data Import

    • We’ll clean and prepare your historical data in preparation for importing into the SHOEBOX portal
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    Mobile Device Management

    • We remotely manage your testing devices for you
    • We’ll make sure you are always running the most up-to-date operating systems and testing software
    • Options available to customize your device management
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    Deployment & Logistical Support

    • You name it, we can do it
    • Multi-site deliveries, on-demand shipping, logistics, tracking, and calibration management
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    Usage Monitoring

    • To be sure you continue to realize good value from your SHOEBOX investment, we can monitor and report on all monthly activity regardless of the number of devices you have

Our Service Packages

A graphic chart that identifies what professional services are available at each of our service levels