An Effective Online Hearing Screening Test Using Patented Technology

Unique in its capacity to effectively categorize hearing ability

How it Works



  • Great customer experience
  • Classify into three hearing levels
  • Mobile and desktop optimized
  • Available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, North American Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

Best Suited For

Lead Capture
  • Add value to your business through innovative, revenue-generating ideas
  • Educate and motivate participants to book an appointment and purchase a hearing aid through your clinic
Active Engagement
  • Re-connect with past customers with an engaging online hearing test, send directly to customers inbox 
  • Encourage past customers to book an appointment
Direct Sales
  • Use as part of a workflow to help you reach and engage with a broader range of customers who are ready to purchase hearing aids remotely or online

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