The powerful combination of SHOEBOX QuickTest, SHOEBOX Online, and SHOEBOX Audiometry Pro bundles together simple, self-administered screening and hearing tests that can be used for lead generation, diagnostic evaluations and tele-audiology testing. All on a single testing platform

  • Go mobile — SHOEBOX is lightweight, portable, and optimized for testing outside of a sound booth
  • Offer tele-audiology testing — Generate more leads using simple, self-administered screening in either kiosk or online testing modes
  • Be confident — SHOEBOX Audiometry is clinically validated and offers a wide range of audiometric capabilities including Noah (4) integration
  • How Rogers Hearing Solutions

    Case Study: An ROI for Fitting and Selling Hearing Aids in the Field

    Rogers Hearing Solutions -- with offices in Peabody, Marlborough, Tewksbury, and Winthrop MA as well as Portsmouth, NH – is an Audibel-affiliated hearing retail chain. They have been providing patients with high-quality hearing care for over 40 years, offering uniquely personalized services. Periodically, they expand their hearing testing services beyond the clinic, offering mobile testing where and when needed.

  • Vision Care & Hearing Health: A Natural Partnership

    Case Study: Vision Care and Hearing Health: A Natural Partnership

    Stadelmaier Optik AG acquired SHOEBOX QuickTest from Beyond Medical Solutions AG (GMS). They set the system up in their optical centers as a way of offering additional services to their clients. The service offers added value for their customers, but it also helps Stadelmaier generate additional revenue for their hearing center.

Clinical Validation

  • CHEO
  • Journal of Voice
  • McGill
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Canadian Acoustics
  • Journal of Otolaryngology

SHOEBOX has been clinically validated for use as a diagnostic audiometer, even when testing is performed outside of a sound booth. We have been included in various studies on the efficacy of tablet audiometry, conducted at some of the world’s leading institutions. 


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