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Case Study: Modernizing Audiology Services: A Look at Comunicare’s Success with SHOEBOX’s Digital Hearing Screeners

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Introduction: Embracing Digital Transformation in Audiology with Digital Hearing Screeners

As a distinguished leader in the Brazilian hearing aid market, Comunicare has spent 19 years providing top-tier audiological services across the country. As part of the WS Audiology Group, both Comunicare and SHOEBOX share a common vision of continuously seeking innovative solutions to amplify reach and enhance efficiency in the audiology sphere. This case study charts Comunicare’s journey towards the integration of SHOEBOX’s digital hearing screener designed for both remote and in-person environments. This innovative tool has brought about a substantial transformation in their hearing testing procedures and overall patient care approach.

Background: Comunicare: Shaping the Future of Audiology Beyond Conventional Practices

Comunicare’s trajectory is grounded in its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional hearing rehabilitation services steered by seasoned and proficient speech therapists. Their resounding reputation for offering superior products coupled with personalized speech therapy assistance has consolidated their position as the largest network of hearing aid stores in Brazil, encompassing more than 70 stores and 200 service points across the country. Beyond Brazil, Comunicare has extended its reach to Chile, operating five stores in Santiago.

However, Comunicare’s ambitions were not confined within the realms of conventional practice. Aspired to offer a fluid and convenient audiological experience to their customers, Comunicare embarked on an evolution towards integrating digital solutions into their service offerings.

Forging a Path of Innovation: Comunicare’s Leap to Digital Hearing Screeners

Fuelled by a zest for innovation, Comunicare steered towards our digital hearing screening solution. With a history of developing impactful audiology solutions, we emerged as a perfect partner aligning with Comunicare’s vision.

The wide-ranging, dynamic features of SHOEBOX’s hearing screener, from accessibility and user-friendliness to detailed hearing analyses, provided the perfect blend for Comunicare to enhance its services. Consequently, they achieved expanded reach, bolstered efficiency, and substantial growth.

Seamless Integration and Remarkable Benefits: The Impact of SHOEBOX’s Hearing Screeners on Comunicare’s Service Delivery

The adoption of SHOEBOX’s digital hearing screeners incited a substantial transformation in Comunicare’s service delivery. SHOEBOX’s online hearing screener unlocked the potential of at-home hearing tests, breaking down geographical hurdles and ensuring more accessible and convenient hearing healthcare.

Utilized remotely, SHOEBOX’s hearing screener has proven itself to be an intuitive online hearing screening tool. This tool has enabled Comunicare to expand its services, delivering accessible solutions to a wider demographic. While the uptake of this new platform has been progressive, with 33 tests conducted over the past year, the emerging results have been significantly promising. An impressive 82% of these tests have indicated some degree of hearing loss, a revelation that emphasizes the importance of accessible, user-friendly platforms like SHOEBOX’s solution. Despite the initial modest usage, the potential of this platform to uncover previously unidentified hearing issues is significant.

In an in-person setting, SHOEBOX’s hearing screener has effectively served Comunicare as an in-store tool, quickly identifying potential hearing loss within a matter of minutes. This has not only added an additional layer of service but has also served as a potent engagement point for customers visiting the stores.

Significant Strides in Hearing Healthcare: Results and Benefits from Comunicare’s Adoption of SHOEBOX’s Solutions

The implementation of SHOEBOX’s solutions sparked a profound change in Comunicare’s operations. In the 11 months post-integration into their first store, Comunicare conducted 205 in-store hearing tests, with 155 indicating reduced or very reduced hearing. This invaluable insight resulted in the sale of 60 hearing aids to 36 customers, indicating a robust return on investment.

During 2022, Comunicare conducted 846 in-person tests across 14 stores with 20 tablets. The results were as follows:

Good Hearing Ability: 240
Reduced Hearing Ability: 392
Very Reduced Hearing Ability: 214
Total: 846

Additionally, through SHOEBOX’s online platform, Comunicare executed 2,285 tests, revealing a substantial prevalence of hearing loss:

Left Ear:

Good: 449
Hearing Loss: 944
Significant Hearing Loss: 892
Total: 2,285

Right Ear:

Good: 412
Hearing Loss: 939
Significant Hearing Loss: 934
Total: 2,285

Offering these quick and convenient tests allowed Comunicare to identify potential hearing loss early, resulting in an increase in hearing aid sales and, crucially, an enhancement in their customers’ quality of life.


In light of the significant results and extensive benefits, Comunicare wholeheartedly recommends SHOEBOX’s digital hearing screeners to fellow audiology service providers. Its deployment in diverse settings, from in-person to remote, has reshaped Comunicare’s approach to service delivery, notably enhancing the customer experience. This move has further cemented its position as a thought leader in today’s audiological services landscape.

Are you ready to evolve your audiology services with SHOEBOX’s digital hearing screeners? Engage with our team today and discover the boundless potential of digital hearing healthcare. Raise your services to unparalleled levels, following in the footsteps of Comunicare. Reach out to us now to initiate your journey toward redefining hearing healthcare.