Data Management Due for Testing Report

SHOEBOX Data Management V2.10

In version 2.10 of SHOEBOX Data Management we have added:

  • Patient State: quickly triage your patient list by updating the state of the patient record

Data Management Patient State View

  • Flagging for Retest: you can now mark a patient as requiring a retest. Schedule the retest according to your own program dates


  • Due-For-Testing report: easily generate your testing lists to assist with scheduling your patients for their initial (baseline) test, regularly occurring test (annual), or a retest.

Data Management Due for Testing Report Setup

  • Search improvements: we have added the ability to search your patient lists by employee number

Data Management Search by Patient ID

  • Data Import improvements:  it is now possible to import directly in the “Data Admin” page, without the need for projects. 

Data Management Data Import without Projects

  • Configurable patient demographics:  you can configure which patient demographics you want to see both in the portal and on the SHOEBOX device.  There are plenty of new demographic fields, including the employee ID field.