SHOEBOX Data Management V3.19

In SHOEBOX Data Management V3.19 we have added the following updates:

Email Notifications
We are happy to announce a feature that will enable users to get an email notification once specified criteria have been met for any saved filter in the portal. The notification can be easily enabled or disabled by clicking the bell icon. Users can set a variety of criteria to trigger the notification.




Sample email a user will receive once a notification is triggered.

Filter Alert screenshot

Audiogram Report
We have introduced a new report type called Audiogram Report. This report will enable users to export all audiograms created within a certain date range as a CSV import for easy integration with their medical records system.

Report Builder screenshot

Filter Criteria screenshot


Secure File manager

File Manager will provide the ability for customers and internal support to upload and share files for data import purposes within the portal. This will have an effect on different role types, each with their own subtleties: Support Admin, Support User, Customer Admin user, Customer Regular user, Audiology/Reviewer user. The team will also be adding support for logging of each interaction with said files. These logs will be accessible to support users and customer regular users upon request.

Files can be dragged and dropped or added to the secure file manager area.There is an actions menu (three dots on the right side) for actions that can be performed on the files. In addition, each file has a status bar and status can be changed in order for all the involved parties to be aware of the current status of the file and take actions when needed. Support portal users have more options in the actions menu and status menu.

When a file is uploaded, the Email notification feature will prompt the system to send a notification email to the pertinent parties to notify them that there is a file that has been uploaded that needs to be actioned.

Secure File Transfer

Automatically set the next action when downloading referral letters
Downloading an audiological or medical referral will automatically update the next required action to none. Depending on your workflow you now also have an option to download the summary report and referral letter together.

Automated Next Action

Automated Next Action

Referral status is also now clearly displayed as a separate tab.

Referral Status screenshot

Filter cases with missing baselines
We have added a filter to easily identify cases with missing baselines.

Filter Cases with Missing Baselines


Option to turn on Review after Retest
This feature enables you to automatically set the required action to “Review results” regardless of the retest outcome. Note, when enabled this rule will disable the retest results Triage rules already configured.

Review after Retest screenshot


CSV Import validation for dates
This feature prompts the portal to tell customer portal users if they are using the wrong date format in their CSV, so that they don’t create invalid and unexpected data.