SHOEBOX Data Management V3.20

In SHOEBOX Data Management V3.20 we have added the following updates:

Filter by Referral Status:
Users can now filter and sort referrals by Status. This will enable you to quickly see employees who may have a pending referral.blankblankblank

Email Referral Letters & Summary reports:
Users can now send Referral letters & Summary reports by email. This will help your organization adopt paperless workflows and minimize the need for printing and sending documents.blankPatients will receive an email with a link to enter their Name and DOB to download the documents.blankblank

Bulk Download of Referrals:
To enable quick and easy printing of referral letters, Users can now select multiple employees and download zip files of Referral letters and summary reports directly from the Patient List. From the patient page, users can also download a ZIP file containing the Summary report + referral letters of all the patients based on an existing filter.blankblank

Other notable improvements:
The outgoing reports email notification will now include the number of patients listed in each report result. Also to prevent time wastage in trying to access reports which have no patients, reports with zero results will no longer have links to enable portal access.blank

The patient page audiogram table will now always show a patient’s voided audiograms by default to PHI users. The user can still choose to hide the voided audiograms.