A screenshot from the SHOEBOX Data Management portal showing an occupational hearing testing summary report

SHOEBOX Data Management V3.4


In this release, we have added a new test completion report that shows the number of patients/employees that have been tested. These new features will streamline the reporting process and save the user time and effort.

  • Highlights include:
    • Patient test completion report that shows the number and names of the people tested. This function has the option to include or exclude incomplete tests as required.
    • The user is now able to filter reports based on multiple projects allowing the user to create reports spanning various projects
    • Users can now create summary reports allowing them quick access for follow up
    • Administrators have visibility into which users have been assigned to which projects, allowing them to add, delete or update users from specific projects if required

SHOEBOX Portal V3.4

Additional Features include:

  • Users are able to increase organizational control through access to shared reports. They have the ability to share as well as revoke access as required.
  • Fixes
    • By eliminating the ability to create audiograms with no frequencies set, this will reduce the creation of bad data leading to quality analytics.
    • Project tag is now used only for patients ensuring all audiograms are being considered even when a patient moves to a different project.
  • Improvements
    • Improved performance of the patient list page. Large organizations were experiencing long wait times for patient load pages
    • 8kHz has been changed to an optional frequency (as per OSHA)
    • The shift calculation setting has been moved to the new Program Rules page to alleviate clutter in the General Settings tab.
    • Users can see audiograms that have been voided by a reviewer. This is indicated by a strikethrough of the audiogram
    • Remove hearing status for speech and higher pitch, from patients page and summary report.
    • If an organization industry is set to Occupational Health, the default program rules will be set to OSHA with age adjustment