SHOEBOX Data Management V3.6

In this release, we have provided fixes for select all vs multi-select deletion as well as sorting on names and page views. 


Customer Portal:

Select all vs multi-select patient list deletion of multiple patients: This bug fix addresses the select all options that present vs when we select individual checkboxes. This fixes the discrepancy and consolidates the functionality into the same behavior

Sorting by the first name only: Using the organization page view, the user’s tab now sorts on both first and last names.

Additional Improvements include:

  • Test Completion reports highlights “Total Subjects” to show how many subjects could have been tested
  • The Hearing Conservation HC-2 questionnaires are now available in a bilingual Spanish and English format and can be added to devices (contact support)
  • The Analysis section has been updated for our Occupational Health users to provide a clearer view of Standard Threshold Shifts
  • Performance enhancement for large scale imports