SHOEBOX Data Management Version 3.2

In our on-going effort to simplify complex processes and infuse greater efficiency into your hearing testing workflows, we are pleased to announce the addition of even more automation to our SHOEBOX Data Management PLUS portal. Version 3.2 of the product now includes:

  • Auto-Triage of Problem Audiograms: For the non-hearing health professional who is administering hearing tests using SHOEBOX, the system will now automatically flag problem audiograms that require a re-test, a review by an Audiologist, or both. These problem audiograms include: Recordable or Reportable Standard Threshold Shifts, Standard Threshold Shifts, Medical or Audiological referrals, and Incomplete results

In this short video we share instructions on how to update your settings to turn on these automated flags.

  • When creating a Due for Testing report, those dates that are past due will be highlighted

  • We have added auto-complete filters with generating reports

  • You can now find your saved filters in the side navigation bar

  • The Required Action history now displays any action performed by the Automatic Triage, and the history is now viewable
  • You can now search by First and Last name