SHOEBOX Online 3.25

Updated: May 22nd 2024

SHOEBOX Online 3.25

SHOEBOX Online V3.25 and our Customer Portal contain the following improvements:

Cookies 🍪

We have introduced a new and improved  cookie consent feature in the Customer Portal and in the SHOEBOX Online Screener?

Prior to this release, the displaying of a cookie consent banner was an optional feature when setting up your SHOEBOX Online (SBO) test. This consent banner did not properly classify Google analytics as non-essential cookies. In order to meet the data privacy regulations for all of the countries in which SBO is deployed to, we have removed this optional feature and replaced it with a new Cookie Consent Manager, which is mandatory and requires no configuration.

Cookie Consent Manager

SHOEBOX Online (SBO) hearing screener is delivered to customers world-wide. In order to provide the best possible experience, we collect Google analytics to track anonymized usage data such as (but not limited to) how long it takes for a participant to perform our hearing test, where they may have left mid-test and what features they interact with; features that you have configured within the Customer Portal. We analyze this objective data to improve the product. We only collect usage data and it is not shared outside of SHOEBOX Ltd nor used for any marketing purposes.

With the introduction of this Cookie Consent Manager, depending on the location and applicable data privacy rules, users can opt-in to enable collecting usage analytics  and can opt-out at any time. We will track their consent for auditing purposes and to demonstrate compliance with data privacy regulations in 50+ countries, including those that require GDPR compliance. Our cookie consent banner is displayed in the language consistent with the browser language of the participant (or English as a default). At any time, the participant can change their consent by clicking on the “cookie” icon which is viewable after they have saved their preferences.

We have implemented this cookie consent manager in both the SHOEBOX Online screener as well as the Customer Portal.



Other Customer Portal updates

Customer Portal now available in French and English!

When users arrive on our login page, we will detect your browser language and display the portal in the appropriate language. At this time, if your browser language is not French, we will display it in English.

  • Want to switch from English to French, or vice versa? This is easily done with our language selector at the top of the page.
  • Want to ensure any emails you receive from the portal (including forgot your password emails) are in your language choice? Contact your organization administrator and ask them to update your user profile, or you can just login and select your language from the top navigation bar and we will save that for you.

When we turned our customer portal into a multilingual site, we paid a lot of attention to ensure our users had a consistent experience regardless of their language choice.


Changes to Japanese translations

There have been changes to the Japanese translations for SHOEBOX Online results pages so that wording is not interpreted as medical advice.

Dashboard update

In a recent release we added participant overviews to our dashboard. The data displayed was fixed to only show data from “This Month”.

In this release, we have provided a date filter so that an organization administrator can choose the date range for the dashboard.