SHOEBOX PureTest V1.8

The following new features and enhancements have been included in this release.

  • Emailing the PureTest Results report (PDF) via the cloud
    • In order for the patient to get their results as soon as possible and with little effort required on the behalf of the test examiner, we have provided a solution that does not need an iPad mail app installed. Patients will be sent an email (via our cloud services) that contains a link to a new localized patient portal where they can retrieve their results after providing answers to security questions based on their demographic information. This enhancement also includes the ability to update patient demographics after the test has been completed (for example, to capture date of birth which is required for retrieving this report).

SHOEBOX PureTest Report Screenshot


SHOEBOX PureTest Results Download screenshot



  • Confirm patient’s identity prior to testing
    • To ensure that hearing test results are associated with the correct patient, we now display a page where the test examiner can confirm the patient’s identity (name and date of birth) prior to the test starting and make changes if necessary.

SHOEBOX PureTest screenshot

  • View workflow configuration within PureTest
    • Examiners can now see how the workflow has been configured in the portal. This gives them access to useful information such as if a questionnaire is required, how many frequencies are being tested, or if signatures are required when viewing the Results.
  • Improved field validation in the create and edit patient screens in the Data Management Portal (v 3.19)
    • In the portal on the create and edit patient feature, additional validation was added to ensure form entries do not exceed the maximum length. In the case of an error, appropriate error messages are displayed.

Bug Fixes for PureTest and Data Management Portal:

  • Fixed an issue where the passcode from the PureTest screen saver would display on top of an already shown passcode, requiring the user to enter a passcode twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the examiner was notified that there were unsynced items that blocked others from logging in. Those sync items belonged to patients that were deleted in the portal while they were being edited in PureTest or after a hearing test with PureTest. With this fix, the sync items associated with the deleted patient (e.g. demographics or hearing test results) are not synced, which unblocks other examiners from logging in.
  • Fixed a syncing/caching issue where another user could not log into PureTest if a patient’s demographics had been updated in PureTest but the portal configuration “Lock Imported Demographics” was enabled. PureTest will no longer block another examiner from logging in.
  • Fixed a bug where a portal Report could not be shared after saving.