SHOEBOX PureTest V2.0

Be sure to upgrade your iPad to the latest version of iPadOS. At the time of this release, SHOEBOX PureTest is only supported on iPadOS15 and iPadOS16. See our current supported system requirements here.

The following new features and enhancements are included in this release.

Biological Verification Rapid Test

In our previous iteration of biological verifications, this test took some time to perform because it was capturing thresholds for every test. The length of time is the biggest challenge for our organizations that have multiple iPads that must be tested daily to comply with OSHA regulations. There had to be a better way. There is!

  • The solution was to create a biological verification Rapid Test. After a Biological Verification baseline has been set in the app (regular BV test that captures thresholds), all subsequent BV tests will be performed using a new interface that is faster than a regular hearing test.
  • The rapid test meets all the criteria to ensure OSHA compliance.
  • Other improvements associated with this feature include the ability to store a Biological Verification baseline in the cloud so that if an examiner used multiple iPads they only had to perform the longer version of the test to set their baseline once and use it on all iPads.



Messaging updates

  • Login attempts before a lock-out have been lowered from 9 attempts to 6 attempts.
  • The examiner is reminded to put the iPad on a stand to avoid noise issues before an automated test, a room scan, and performing a biological verification.
  • Examiners are reminded to ensure the Date of Birth (DOB) of a test subject is correct before starting an automated test because the DOB is required as a security key for a test subject to retrieve their PureTest Results PDF via email.

Remove offline testing flag when a project is closed in the Customer Portal.

In order to ensure that only open projects are stored on the PureTest iPad, when a project is closed in the Customer Portal, the “offline testing” flag will be disabled. When next the iPad is synced to the cloud, any closed projects will be removed from PureTest on that device.

Bug Fixes for PureTest:

  • Fixed an issue where dates entered in manually could allow invalid dates or improperly formatted dates resulting in errors with display, shift analysis and retrieving results. This was resolved by disallowing manual entry in the patient demographics date fields in the customer portal and ensuring only valid dates could be chosen from the date picker.
  • Fixed a bug (on the patient confirmation page prior to automated testing) where the patient’s date of birth could be one day off.