SHOEBOX V4.11 patient face screen in Hungarian

Version 4.12

In V4.12 of SHOEBOX Audiometry we have added:

V4.12 of SHOEBOX Audiometry

  • Full translation of the automated test into Portuguese
  • Additional translations of patient-facing screens (automated mode) into Afrikaans, Arabic, Belarusian, Bosnian, Hebrew, Croatian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Slovak, and Serbian. This brings the total number of translated patient-facing screens to 27.

To be sure you are running the most current version of SHOEBOX Audiometry, start by opening the application on your iPad and tapping Settings, then About in the top left corner. If you are not running version 4.11, simply click the App Store icon on your iPad and then choose SHOEBOX Audiometry. As a reminder, you will need to be connected to Wifi in order to update your software.

We have also added a number of enhancements to SHOEBOX Data Management including:

  • Basic Data Management users can now export audiograms, speech results, questionnaires, and patient lists in a .csv format

Patient Export. - V4.12 of SHOEBOX Audiometry

For Data Management PLUS users, individual summary reports have been enhanced to include:

Patient Summary Report

  • Condensed patient demographic section
  • Audiogram
  • Audiogram history table of all past results
  • Speech results
  • Most recently completed Questionnaire/Inventory
  • Analysis section that includes industry-specific shift/classification grade analysis (OSHA, MSHA, CTCAE, Brock)
  • Analysis section for relevant Inventory scores


Data Management PLUS users can now filter and export a subset of data based on a specific project and/or data range

Project Export