Version 4.8

Based on user feedback and our ongoing commitment to providing the easiest to use audiometer, we have made a few user interface improvements to the automated test of SHOEBOX Audiometry. These include:

1.     Tutorial for the Automated Test: We have added a brief animated tutorial designed to help orient a new user on how to get started with SHOEBOX.

2.     Optional pre-test activity for starting volume in the automated test: We have introduced an optional activity that can be administered to each person to select a suitable starting volume based on their individual hearing.

3.     Test setup screen for the automated test: We have introduced an easy-to-use test setup screen to simplify the tasks of selecting the transducer, selecting the test type, and establishing the comfortable listening level which is typically performed at the beginning of each test.

4.     Support for select cochlear implant processors: Audiologists will now have the ability to perform a functional audiogram on patients with a cochlear implant device through direct audio input.

Please be sure that you are running the most current version of  SHOEBOX Audiometry. Start by opening the application on your iPad and tapping Settings, then About in the top left corner. If you are not running version 4.8, simply click the App Store icon on your iPad and then choose SHOEBOX Audiometry. As a reminder, you will need to have a WiFi connection to update your software.