Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I edit patient information?

    Select All Patients on the left then select the patient by clicking on their name. On the patient details page, click the pencil icon in the top right to edit patient information. Select Save when you are finished.

  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

    Please visit and choose the Reset Password option below the Login button. You will receive an email at the address associated with your account with a link to reset your password. Click the link in the email to enter your new password.

  • How do I create a project?

    For Data Management PLUS users projects can be created by selecting the Projects option from the left-hand menu and selecting the + New option on the right side of the Projects page. The name of the project is a required field while the description, start, and end dates are not. You will automatically be added as a user to your project. You can grant access to additional users from your organization to view this project and all the data contained within it.

  • How do I add patients to a project?

    For Data Management PLUS customers, log into the SHOEBOX web portal at If you would like to move existing patients and their data to a project select All Patients from the menu on the left-hand side. Select the checkbox beside the name of each patient who you would like to move into the project. Then select the “...” icon towards the right side of the selected patients. Choose the Add to Project option and select the correct project.

    Alternatively, you can upload a list of patients and their audiograms directly into a project. Please refer to the User Manual for more details.

  • Can I import existing patients and their audiograms into SHOEBOX?

    Manual Entry: To enter a patient, log into SHOEBOX Data Management at Choose the My Patients or All Patients option from the left-hand menu. Select the + New option to add a patient. Enter the patient information and select Save.

    To enter an audiogram use the My Patients or All Patients option from the left-hand menu and select the patient for whom you wish to add data. On the patient summary page use the New Audiogram button to add audiogram results. Complete the audiogram entry form and select Save.

    Bulk upload for Data Management PLUS users: SHOEBOX Data Management enables you to import a list of patients which can be populated in a .csv file. Please ensure that you are following the guidelines provided in the Import templates available on this page in the Manuals section. Note that a unique ID is required for each patient/person that you upload to the database to correlate their results to their profile. Begin by selecting or creating a project. Click on the grey box near the center of the page to choose the file you would like to upload. After it is selected you will see a progress bar for the upload of your file. If there are issues with the upload you will see a Failed warning and the option to View Errors. Select View Errors to download a spreadsheet with details of the import errors. Correct the errors and repeat the process above. Once you have uploaded your list of patients to a project you are able to repeat the upload process with your list of previous audiogram results. Ensure that you are following the template guidelines and that the unique IDs match so the results will associate to the correct patient.

  • Why do I not see previous patient results in a patient file?

    On the iPad: If you have deleted and re-installed the SHOEBOX software on your iPad all previous data will be erased from the iPad. Data is not synced from SHOEBOX Data Management to the iPad, however, everything that was previously uploaded to SHOEBOX Data Management will remain visible on the web portal.

    On SHOEBOX Data Management: If you have added a patient to a project there is an option to add only the patient and not their documents to the project. If you would like to move patient data into a project begin at the All Patients section. Choose the white checkbox beside the name(s) that you would like to add to the project. Then select the “...” option and Add to Project. Ensure that you have selected the option to move the patient and their files to the project. Once complete, previous data will now be visible in the project and all reports.

  • How can I add a user to our account?

    To add a user to your account please contact our support team at

  • How do I create reports?

    Data Management PLUS users can log in and select the Reports option on the left menu. Select a type of report followed by a project, and the shift calculation you would like to use. Select Build on the right-hand side. Your pdf report will be generated and available for download. For individual summary reports, select the patient of interest from the All Patients, My Patients, or Project screen. Select Summary Report on the right-hand side of the patient profile. Your pdf report will be generated and available for download.

  • What types of reports are available?

    Data Management PLUS users can create patient summary reports, roster reports of all patients in a project, and shift reports for all patients in a project.

  • How do I know that my results have uploaded into SHOEBOX Data Management?

    SHOEBOX Audiometry Standard and Pro: Results are uploaded automatically when connected to wifi or 3G service. You will see a small cloud icon in the top right corner of the main page. Your results are uploaded properly when there is no number or ! showing on the cloud icon.

    SHOEBOX QuickTest: results are uploaded automatically when connected to Wifi or 3G service.In QuickTest, swipe right with two fingers to bring up the Settings option in the top left. In Settings, you will see Statistics in the bottom right. Unsynced Items will be listed.


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