Press Release: Clearwater Clinical Promoting Early Detection of Hearing Changes with Addition of Extended High Frequency Testing

Mobile medical device manufacturer extends testing range of SHOEBOX Audiometry

SHOEBOX Audiometry Pro Manual TestingOTTAWA, ONTARIO – February 28, 2017 – Clearwater Clinical Limited, a leading provider of medical-grade mobile devices and cloud-based data management solutions for the hearing health industry is expanding the testing capabilities of their SHOEBOX Audiometry product. With the addition of Extended High Frequency (EHF) testing, SHOEBOX Audiometry, the world’s first clinically-validated iPad audiometer, can now test ranges as high as 16 kHz.

The purpose of a standard hearing test is to determine how well a person can hear and understand during human speech communication. As such, tests typically range between 250 – 8,000 Hz depending on the age of the patient. However, testing at extended frequencies has the ability to detect damage to the sensitive cells of the inner ear providing an early indication of a physiological change that may not yet be apparent to the patient.

According to Michael Weider, CEO of Clearwater Clinical, “Extended High Frequency testing can help to detect shifts in hearing even before the patient begins to notice any change themselves. It is often done as part of an ototoxicity monitoring program. Specific to the audiology realm, EHF testing can prove a useful tool in tinnitus evaluation, acoustic trauma investigation, as well as for individuals who have trouble deciphering speech in noise.  Our goal has always been to enable more people to perform hearing testing in more locations. The addition of EHF testing to SHOEBOX Audiometry is a logical extension of our platform.”

EHF is an advanced test and would normally only be performed by an audiologist or a specialized physician. SHOEBOX Audiometry is the first automated test offered at these ranges, making it possible for more testers to participate in important monitoring programs. The portability of the system makes it uniquely suitable for monitoring in remote locations and low-resource settings. Those who stand to benefit significantly include individuals with compromised immune systems – unable to travel for care because of the risk of infection, and those with limited mobility. With SHOEBOX Audiometry, EHF hearing testing can be performed where the patients are rather than having the patients travel to a testing location.

Ahead of World Hearing Day (March 3rd) and Tuberculosis Awareness Month (March), Clearwater Clinical is bringing global awareness to the far-reaching benefits of mobile medical devices that support increased flexibility and scale in the hearing healthcare industry. As the number of known conditions affecting hearing increases across all age groups, SHOEBOX Audiometry is meeting an undeniable need for resources to accurately test, detect, monitor, and diagnose these issues.

About SHOEBOX Audiometry by Clearwater Clinical
SHOEBOX Audiometry is a clinically validated iPad audiometer that makes it possible to reliably measure hearing outside of a traditional sound booth. Leading the way in mobile health, Clearwater Clinical developed SHOEBOX to address a growing need in the market to test the hearing of more patients in more locations with less effort and increased efficiency.

Co-founded in 2005 by Dr. Matthew Bromwich, an ENT specialist, and led by CEO Michael Weider, Ottawa-based Clearwater Clinical is combining audiological and technical expertise to design and manufacture innovative medical-grade devices that leverage the power of tablet technology to enable effective, alternative approaches in hearing healthcare.

Clearwater Clinical was recently recognized as an innovator in mobile, digital and connected healthcare in the 2016 Global Digital Health 100 Award List.

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